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The videos were already published in 2013, but we are in a serious spiritual battle. We might as well question institutions that claim to have authority but abuse it, as illustrated in these videos. 90 more words

Pope Benedict

VIDEO: Promiscuity/Corruption in the Priesthood (except in Barbados)

THE VATICAN (Naked Departure) — CHURCH IN CRISIS — Below is a fairly detailed video of the abuses found in the Catholic church.

Please note that promiscuity among the priesthood has also happened in Barbados, but rape and abuse of women and children are encouraged and a priest would never be shamed or jailed for having a child perform a sexual act on him — not in Barbados. ┬áNaked Departure


Te Deum Laudamus!

Nowadays it seems we constantly have bad news put before us in news bulletins, social media etc.

It’s hardly surprising that some people wish a year to end. 454 more words


It Is Good That You Exist.

When I remember, I listen to daily reflections by Pope Benedict XVI. They are quite short and I often find that they have something in them that makes me really reflect and which guides my day. 468 more words


Chris tries to explain Catholic doctrine part 1....the Pope

Whose your daddy…or why we have a Pope.

By: Christopher Johnson

I’m diving into my way back machine to find this first Pope but I got great response the first time so let see if I can go to the well again…… 1,265 more words