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A Decade After JPII

Today, on the 22nd of October, the Universal Church has the great blessing of observing the newly added feast day of Saint John Paul II.   He has been gone 11 years now, just over a decade, which may seem hard to believe. 705 more words

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Pope Benedict XVI's Commentary on Psalm 122

1. We have just heard and enjoyed as a prayer one of the most beautiful and fervent songs of ascents. It is Psalm 122, a living, shared celebration of Jerusalem, the Holy City to which the pilgrims climb. 879 more words


"After the Regensburg affair, Pope Benedict would not be the same anymore. Islamists and Western appeasers had been able to close his mouth"

The Vatican Submits to Islam (2006-2016)
by Giulio Meotti
October 16, 2016

In Regensburg, Benedict staged the drama of our time and for the first time in the Catholic Church’s history — a Pope talked about Islam without recycling platitudes. 129 more words


Pope Benedict XVI"S Commentary on Psalm 145

Note: On Wednesday March 28, 2001 Pope John Paul II began a series of Wednesday Audiences dedicated to expounding the Psalms and Canticles used for the morning and evening prayers of the Divine Office. 1,610 more words


Worth Revisit: The Pope Redefines Saint Francis

On September 17, Franciscans celebrated the Feast of the Stigmata of St. Francis. That’s what Francis is really all about–uniting himself so closely to the Gospel life that his own body bore the same wounds as Christ on the cross. 260 more words

Worth Revisiting

A Return to Asylum Politics

Donald Trump’s recent and brief embrace of the truth – stating that he now believes that President Obama was born in the United States cannot begin to drain the swamp of hatred, bigotry and racism that he created by leading the birther movement for almost half a decade. 1,188 more words

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Pope Benedict: No, No, NO Regrets!

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI “never became so human” as he does in a new book interview he has given the German journalist Peter Seewald, a work which achieves a “final deconstruction” of how both friends and foes have seen him in the past. 492 more words