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With all the Angle, Saxon, and Viking bloodlines prevalent in Great Britain, people from that part of the world are often thought of as being mostly fair haired, fair skinned, and blue-eyed – a notion helped along by Pope Gregory I, who, according to legend, was so intrigued by the physical appearance of some “Anglii” children on offer at a local slave market, he said, “ 61 more words


Jesus the Samaritan and Procedural Canons

«Nonne bene dicimus nos quia Samaritanus es tu, et daemonium habes? Respondit Iesus: Ego daemonium non habeo.»

The more one digs into canon law, past the codified laws of 1917 and 1983, one finds the Scriptural and Patristic roots which were gathered in the Middle Ages and became the basis for juridical action within the Church. 478 more words

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