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I'm so grateful to Pope Paul VI!

My little project of weekly Pope drawings has hit a delay in the last month but it’s a most wonderful delay. We welcomed our new baby in March and He really wouldn’t be here except for us joining the Catholic Church 4 years ago. 149 more words

No Meat On Fridays?

When I talk to Catholics “of a certain age” who have either left the Church or wish to return to the Church of their childhood, the practice of abstaining from meat on Fridays—or more accurately the Church’s decision to abandon the practice—comes up with an interesting regularity as to one source of their dissatisfaction. 789 more words


The Greatest Story Ever (Re)Told

I was a junior high schooler growing up in the Bible Belt when I first heard the concept album “Jesus Christ Superstar.” The retelling of the events leading up to the crucifixion of the Son of God Christ made a household name of the then-22 year old composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and – slightly lesser so – 26 year old lyricist Tim Rice. 503 more words

Who took it last time:

Someone intruding our family. SS. Secret Society. Later SS Nazi. He was ONE of them. 33. By “birth right” each cycle, the “Society” commissioned. We had no choice: 129 more words

Von Rothschield

NFP, Suffering, and Asceticism

Recently I wrote about how NFP is not good in and of itself, but rather can be good when used with virtue and faithfulness. I wanted to follow up that article by discussing the real suffering that many couples endure because of NFP and why that suffering is also not good. 1,322 more words

SOL18 Justice


Seniors in high school worried. The war in Viet Nam dominated the news. Debate surrounded the issue. But the young men in high school worried: would they be… 580 more words

Slice Of Life

Was the promulgation of the Novus Ordo Mass Pope Paul VI's Bay of Pigs?

“How could I have been so stupid.” – President John F. Kennedy

I’m going to go off half cocked here, but oh well…

After the failed… 2,035 more words

Catholic Church