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A day in the life of an Arboricultural Officer

Ever wondered what an arboriculture officer does? Are you wondering now? Good, cause the following post will give you a bit of an insight. So here’s what happened when myself (an intern at Norfolk County Council) and Andy Johnson (on work experience) joined Tom Russell-Grant, Arboricultural Officer at NCC for a tree-mendous day out. 993 more words


Poplar Light

Poplar Light © Lynn Wiles 2015
In a stand of poplar trees, just one leaf had the sun shining through it.


Dakota Language Bowl Trophy for Poplar Students

Three Poplar students competing in the first annual Dakota Language Bowl in Saint Paul, Minn., captured fourth place Saturday.

The competition featured 20 teams from reservations, urban areas and reserves in the United States and Canada that have Dakota speakers. 127 more words

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Balm of Gilead - Part 2

Now that my poplar buds have been infusing in olive oil for a month, (see Part 1) it’s time to move on and actually make the balm.  318 more words


Budget Solution: Dining Room Table Finale

Yes, I’m finally getting to the end of this project! In case you’re just joining, my husband and I created a dining room table and a… 527 more words


Fast-Growing Marvels

We are used to thinking of the rate of tree growth as being similar to that of continental drift. Surprisingly, the fastest-growing lifeforms on the planet include trees. 254 more words


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I got up at dawn as I always did. I washed my face, dressed myself and went downstairs to the kitchen. Lendra was already waiting with oatmeal. 1,305 more words