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Benjamin Adams: a riveting war story

The British armed forces in the Great War took in men with a vast array of skills and experience. Many men ended up in combat arms, but where they had skills that could be useful in other parts of the military machine, they were often moved into roles where those skills could be used. 316 more words

Ordinary Londoners

letting the skeletons out of the cupboard

I’ve decided to begin this blog in the hope of meeting other people who share the name Reynolds and may have some connection to Poplar, Middlesex from 1800 onwards. 205 more words


Moth Feather Leaf

A few years back, I got certified in forensic crime scene photography, which involves taking pictures of some very unpleasant aspects of modern life; blood splatter, post mortems; the ends of violence and other things most people don’t want to think about, let alone see. 379 more words

Danny Dyer's Family History Part 1: Proper Poplar Cockneys born and bred

A Proper Cockney

Danny Dyer landlord of the Queen Victoria Pub in BBC’s Eastenders, isn’t just a professional Cockney, he’s a proper Cockney, and his line is documented back into the 1700s in Poplar, and there is reasonable evidence to take it that his ancestors were plying the Thames at least as early as the 1600s at the time of Cromwell and Charles I, and before that most likely living in the City of London or again Poplar as Dyers.   1,304 more words


MT - MISSING IN AMERICA: Nicole Waller - NBC News.com

Saturday marked two years since anyone has seen or heard from Nicole Waller; the mother of three mysteriously vanished on February 14th, 2013 while driving from Fairview to Kalispell, Montana. 48 more words


unearthing those skeletons

By which I mean I am doing some more family history research. I’ve been researching on and off for over 10 years now, on both sides of my family though ive had more success with my maternal side up to now. 60 more words

Family History