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Harvesting poplar buds

While I walked to my crossroad to lay my offerings there down, I noticed that the poplar trees have already their buds. In antiquity poplar was a tree that was connected to the underworld. 85 more words

Woodstove Delight

I installed a wood stove in the house a few months back.  There is something delightfully calming when it comes to “feeding” the stove, particularly on chilly mornings.   110 more words

Daily Musings

Poplar Foliage

Poplar Foliage © Lynn Wiles 2016
About a mile from where I saw a tons of starlings on the wires, I found them again on the bare poplar trees.


For the rain it raineth every day

When I was a young boy in Poplar I used to look out of the window on the first floor of the maisonette where we lived when it rained. 190 more words

Climate Change

"Poplars on the Trail" - Secord Forest Trail

Back in October, I spent quite a bit of my free time on the local trails, enjoying the mild fall, spectacular colours, and some quiet time to just appreciate the stillness of the forest. 190 more words


"Roadside Poplars" - Pontypool, Ontario

There was something about this stand of poplars that made me pull over on a drive back from Ottawa last week and make this image. At the time, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what, exactly, it was that made this scene so interesting. 250 more words


[Lego Table]: Part 15

Ah, back out in the shop. I can see in the long range forecasts that I’m starting to run out of days filled with relative warmth. 568 more words