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Where To See Banksy Street Art In London

As we attended the opening night of The Rise Gallery’s newest exhibition ‘IT BEGAN ON THE WALLS’ a retrospective of Banksy’s career the other night… 341 more words

Street Art

The Wood Yard

Husband and I found this really great place to buy wood in Concord, Georgia!  This is a little tour of place!  Not only do they have a wide selection of all sorts of wood, but they have great prices, an informative webpage, and they are very friendly! 13 more words

Cy's Corner Shop


Since it last had a rather premature haircut early in the summer, our back-garden lawn has not grown much. The grass has been in a straw-coloured sulk, looking defeated by mower-blade, a month or so of near drought and then a week of unseasonably cool rain. 286 more words

Nature Notes

Oystershell Scale on Lilac

My neighbor’s lilacs, while showing signs of lilac blight earlier in the season, continue to experience massive dieback. Today, I decided to perform a closer examination, since the proximity of his plants puts my plants at risk. 422 more words


Nature | Poplar trees

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Description From Photographer if Any:


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Tree Illusion

Looking for a photo to inspire a painting, I ran across this one from a winter about two years ago.  Can you instantly tell which tree is in front, or does it take a moment to think it through?  80 more words


poplar at dawn

A tulip poplar for Carpe Diem #775
Window Screen

poplar at dawn
so many windowpanes
i forget the sky!

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai