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Mondays With Muddy

This is the next excerpt from Beatrice Allen Page’s unpublished manuscript, Landscape with Figures. This is another of my favorite segments. The sentence that begins “The all at once a fresh northwest breeze sprang up” just kills me. 475 more words


I keep struggling with what we intend to plant for our woodlot. My initial search led me to a post which talked about using hybrid poplars because they grow incredibly fast, and are easy to harvest, split, and can regenerate through coppicing. 601 more words


Haiku: Haven

Garden, green island,

tree-shaded, bird-filled, song-bright,

sunlit, moon painted.

Poplars wind-whisper

finches gather stray sweet words

string a golden song.

Rosebuds swell, unfold

spill honeyed sun-warmed fragrance

butterfly nectar.


What You Can Miss When You Don't Walk

I try to get out and go for a walk every day.  Sometimes I just get busy with other things though, and several days can go by without a walk. 103 more words


Crowd: the point of entrance out of the world of singular objects into one that pushes and crushes through manifesting as many variations on a single object in as small a space as possible; growth not without but within. 36 more words