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900 Poplars losing their place in the Dutch landscape

Rows of poplar trees have had a place in the Dutch landscape for many years, often in hard straight lines cutting across the fields or following a road or lane.  220 more words

Poplar forest

Poplars are one of my favourite trees, especially in winter when their white bark is magical in a white snowy scene.

Leaf Miners

A leaf miner is the larval stage of an insect (primarily moths, sawflies and flies) that feeds on leaf plant tissue. Most of these insects feed for their entire larval period within the leaf, creating tunnels between the upper and lower leaf surfaces. 112 more words


Canopy of Golden Poplars

Hello again,

Today I did manage to get a photo that doesn’t have a cat in it. :) Some might be sad right now but don’t worry, the cats will be back. 151 more words

Still Photography

Pursued by Poplars

A row of Populus Nigra (Latin for “people of the dark”), otherwise known as Lombardy Poplars, seems to be following me.  I feel pursued by this long border of eighty-plus year old poplars on the west edge of our farm.  555 more words

Rural Life

The education of a pioneer bride

The first settlers on the Saskatchewan plains were faced with a quandary – there were no large trees that could be cut to build log houses, and lumber yards were usually far away. 510 more words