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Magic Moments- suspended#2

Abstract spring trees: pictures and poem by me. Inspiration from Salal Studio.

9×12 fluid cold press/Prussian blue, new gamboge, vermillian, sepia scraped, brushed, and lifted. 55 more words

Watercolor Painting

Tiny Little Moon

It might be tiny, but these poplars breathe in the slow breath of its tides, not in the fast one of that jet speeding south to Vancouver overhead. 15 more words

Nature Photography

Multi-coloured Mallows

These marshmallow twists are literally my happiness right now!

They are soo good. I picked up a packet in Frosts garden center with my parents a few weeks back and they were so tasty I wanted to go back and get another packet; only problems is they close before I finish work during the week. 14 more words

January 17

The Relationship Between Ruffed Grouse & Poplars In Winter

Poplar (also called Aspen) buds are an important winter food source for wildlife, but for none as much as the Ruffed Grouse. During the course of a year, a Ruffed Grouse may feed from as many as 100 species of plants, but in the winter, species of poplar are by far its most important food source. 165 more words

Poplar Grove on Skyline Drive

There is a place on Skyline Drive that my local photog friends and I are all drawn to. I always called it “the straight up and down trees” others say they refer to it as simply “the trees”. 41 more words

Dawn M. Miller

Lombardy Poplar

Populus nigra ‘Italica’

Also called ‘Italian Poplar’, it is a cultivar of the Black Poplar (Populus nigra), and is a real skyscraper such is its height (up to 38m (125 ft) tall), and it has a shapely ornamental form of Italian origin. 242 more words

Nature Photography

Grey winds are blowing

Photo ©Nigel Mykura

Grey winds are blowing,

flowing the swollen river,

quivering banks of poplars damp and dull.

Full are the sullen clouds,

shrouds of winter sailing, 12 more words