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Physicist Predicts Imminent Global Cooling

Many are focused on the man-made global warming theory, some because they are true believers and others for less honorable reasons.  There are also esteem scientists that do not buy in to that popular theory. 400 more words

Global Warming

You Are Where?

To quote musician Ben Gibbard, “I wish the world was flat like the old days; then I could travel just by folding a map.”

It’s a clever metaphor indeed, but in reality, Mr. 1,139 more words


New Phillips-Burstyn-Carter working paper on the failure of peer review in public health

by Carl V Phillips

Our new working paper is available at EP-ology, “The limited value of journal peer review in public health: a case series of tobacco harm reduction articles”, Carl V Phillips, Igor Burstyn, and Brian L Carter (all of the authors are affiliated with CASAA, for those who may not know). 789 more words


The failures of peer review do not begin with the journal – more on the Popova-Ling fiasco

by Brian L Carter

Those of us who admire the elegance and clarity of thought contained in good scientific reasoning no doubt found Popova and Ling’s report of a study on warning labels severely lacking. 1,248 more words


Glantz complains about research ethics LOLOLOL

by Carl V Phillips

Yes, the man whose superpower is an inhuman ability to willfully misinterpret study results and lie to the public based on that (and who is completely immune to the effects of evidence, logical argument, authors telling him he is interpreting their studies wrong, etc.) is… 2,003 more words


#4. Charley Peters writes on 'Adventures of the Black Square'

Adventures of the Black Square, Abstract Art and Society 1915–2015, at the Whitechapel Gallery, London

It was only a few months ago that Malevich’s monochromes were last in London, venerating his radical contribution to the end of pictorial painting and some proclaimed, to the end of art itself. 1,375 more words

Charley Peters

Be Inspired, Be Original

Canadian designer Andrew Vucko creates this stylishly elegant short film illustration of what it means to be original, using quotes from some of the more famous originals which include… 45 more words