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Poppet Pattern

Print and cut out this pattern to make your own magickal poppets.


1 12-inch by 12-inch square of felt or other material to match skin color or magickal intent… 142 more words


Poppet Magick

Before we get into the process, let’s take some time to look at the magickal theory behind poppet magick, a form of sympathetic magick.

TYPES OF POPPETSThere’s a lot of room for creativity in poppet magick, as you’ll soon see. 1,259 more words


Poppet Doll

The Healing Poppet is a Wiccan title assigned to what has traditionally been known as the Voodoo Doll; however, the two cultures differ greatly in their uses of the magical dolls. 505 more words


Trickster Moon

This full moon, CAYA Coven celebrates the Trickster Moon. Here are some thoughts and workings to consider.

Some Questions

What keeps you flexible? How do you play? 330 more words

Full Moon

The golden dragon and the poppet.

Each day at dusk the poppet captures the light of sunset and waits for the golden dragon.

Soon, the poppet will fly and be human once more.


Poppet the Pin Up girl helped by Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Poppet the Pin Up girl helped by KAR

By Kim Betts
Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Back in September 2014 an appeal went out from a holiday maker, Jenny, on TRNC forumsĀ  and social media sites for a temporary but long term foster carer for a cat. 385 more words

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