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A Front of an Abacus!

More drawings for my sister, this time of several different types of abacus…  Several purposes for these eventually, including some tutorial documents and a custom brochure. 116 more words


DIY, Popsicle Stick House - Marker Holder.... 🖍

I decided that I wanted something fun, to store my markers in. So I had a bunch of these popsicle sticks packages, I had bought forever ago from Dollar Tree. 178 more words


Popsicle Stick Shelves

So these super cool-looking shelves are actually surprisingly easy to create. I found it hard to believe that some popsicle sticks would actually make a strong shelf, but these little hexagonal shelves happily surprised me. 236 more words

Mini Pallet Coasters

I recently bought a giant box of a bunch of popsicle sticks for some diys. I was trying different things to do with them, and here is one that I decided to share with you. 171 more words

Stick Figures

Stick Figures is a project I’ve been working on for the last five or so months. This series is about a group of individuals, 25-35 years, going through life’s ups and downs as it would in reality. 219 more words


DIY Bored Jar

So it has been exactly 1 week since I graduated, and I am so bored. The summer slump is really hitting me hard, and I still have a few weeks before I start volunteering at the hospital. 394 more words