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Names: The Sam

This is the Sam-Cat. My Sam-Cat. I realized yesterday as I was writing about “Tailchaser’s Song” that he looks a lot like Tailchaser. I’ve had “thing” for ginger tabbies for a long time; it precedes my reading of the book by many years. 198 more words


Rolling Stone: Prince's Paisley Park is Seeking an Archives Supervisor

Rolling Stone: Prince’s Paisley Park is Seeking an Archives Supervisor. “According to a job listing posted on American Alliance of Museums’ career website, the full-time position is in the Archives Department, which is considered a confidential work area. 30 more words

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Ain’t No Prodigal Son- Nathan McCool

The star quarterback is now selling
shitty insurance to his loyal subjects.
He’ll tell you, “You can lose anything in the
world and we’ll give you something we… 405 more words


Not That Innocent: fertility, vengeance and serpentine symbolism within pop music

By Mac Spencer

In the summer of last year, globally scrutinised pop star Taylor Swift quietly deleted every piece of content from her online accounts. A brief social media blackout ensued, ultimately broken by a pan-platform teaser video showing an extreme closeup of a snake. 1,629 more words


April 23, 1982 Conch Republic

Except for the Naval Air Station at Boca Chica and Coast Guard installations in Key West, Marathon and Islamorada, most of the economic activity in the Florida Keys, comes from tourism. 1,095 more words

whoever controls the mass media controls the narrative

This sociological aphorism bears repeating: whoever controls the mass media controls the narrative on any and all topics, and thus controls the popular thought of the culture.  427 more words



This morning at church one of the Bible passage around which the sermon was structured was the latter part of John 10:3, “… the sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.” 286 more words

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