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A Creative But Extremely Strange Video

Sometimes we just need to share a video because it is odd, confusing, strange and off beat. There is no rhyme or reason to this creation and there is no true way to prepare yourself for what you are about to watch. 101 more words


It's The Fool's Day To Play

Hello to all who hail April 1st as their day to prank away. First and foremost, Happy April Fool’s Day! Some people wait a whole year to expose their genius talents in the way of pranks and gags. 573 more words


Seventh Son

For an installment of myth, the usual seventh son of the seventh son sort of stuff, you have to see Seventh Son. It has dragons, ghosts, spirits, shapeshifters, the lot. 377 more words


The Consummate Fool

As the title of Beatrice K. Otto’s engaging book, Fools are Everywhere. The Court Jester Around the World, asserts, fools are a universal phenomenon in the pre-modern world. 507 more words


How to Use Tinder for Hopeless Men

You may or may not have heard of a little dating app call Tinder. If you’re male, then you probably have. The truth is, it’s no little dating app at all… the world has been taken over by it. 1,398 more words


Lucy's Burning Question and the Indispensability of the Liberal Arts

I don’t feel pain, fear, desire. It’s like, all things that make us human are fading away. It’s like, the less human I feel, all this knowledge about everything—quantum physics, applied mathematics, the infinite capacity of the cell’s nucleus—they’re all exploding inside my brain—all this knowledge.

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