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Written Analysis 4

            Every romance novel ends with the hero getting the girl, every mystery is solved by the detective by the end of the movie, most rappers have worked from the bottom the top. 315 more words

Popular Culture

Let's Talk About: Carter Reynolds

Carter Reynolds is a 19 year old “vine star” who rose to fame by creating 6 second videos on the app Vine. Over the past couple of years he has gained 2.4 million followers on Twitter and has become an “internet sensation”. 677 more words

Carter Reynolds

Sorry, Cecil

It all started on Monday, or was it Tuesday? The day that the tragic tale of Cecil the lion broke. A magnificent, wild lion, lured out of a national park in Zimbabwe by greedy men with small penises, so that another megalomaniac with a small penis too much money and no sense could shoot at him with a bow and arrow. 671 more words

Popular Culture

Sci-Fi Saturday: They Live!

I didn’t intend to do one of these today, but I ended up with a little more time than I expected to have so here we go! 332 more words


Humblebrags and other bits of popular culture I seem to have missed

This week I learned (from a management newsletter at work, no less) that the humblebrag is a turn-off and best avoided. I had hitherto been unaware of the existence of the humblebrag so I looked it up, the example given in the newsletter not being clear, and I remained unenlightened. 452 more words


1 August 2015. The Hunt for “Wild Food” in Omsk Oblast


Not only do Russian people love growing things at the dacha, they love going into the countryside and forests to “hunt” for “wild food”, mainly mushrooms and fruits… although they also gather herbs, wild veggies, and certain roots. 27 more words


Oxy Morons

Don’t you hate when people use words without really thinking about them first?

I mean, some combinations of words just don’t make ANY sense..

….. no matter HOW you use them. 390 more words