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Let Me Get Back to You ...

Teacher: “What, if anything, do you want to know about me?”

Student: “What is your opinion of Kanye West?”

It’s like an assignment. 14 more words


Sockless Again

I have raved on (but not ranted) in the past about high fashion male models expressing their high fashion by going sockless. (Search for “sockless” on this site and you will agree.) Sockless seems to be the hallmark of high fashion, suggesting an undelying casualness even with wing-tips and a suit.  45 more words

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The Price of the EpiPen Rises (and Here's How to Fix the Problem)

When we hear about drug pricing increasing at an exponential rate, most people can’t comprehend the degree to which others will be affected. When some news reporter talks about “Daraprim” and the price gouging involved with the drug, it’s an impersonal outrage that we have. 490 more words

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The Angry Black Man

“As long as we are not ourselves, we will try to be what other people are.”

-Malidoma Patrice Somé (Of Water and the Spirit)

Being black in America is like being told “we love you, but WE DON’T LOVE YOU.” 518 more words


Nike Didn't Design Its Insane $1,200 Sunglasses for Mortals


WHEN YOU’RE AN elite runner, something as small as ill-fitting sunglasses can distract you from the task at hand—covering leg-deadening distances as fast as humanly possible. 528 more words


Don’t Understand Graffiti? Here It Is Translated in Helvetica


MATHIEU TREMBLIN IS a French artist who, over the past six years, has painted over a lot of graffiti. So it can seem counterintuitive when he professes his affection for it. 374 more words

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