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Ed Hagopian

Here is a mature photo of our classmate, Ed Hagopian, who had a successful career in music alone and now (or at least until recently) performs locally with his wife, Rene Goodwin. 190 more words

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Don't Go To Spain

Wow!  Who knew?  Apparently, the entire human population of this planet, 7 billion plus, can be boiled down to just 4 different personalities.  (Five, actually, but I’m getting ahead of myself.)  It seems a couple of researchers in Spain developed a series of totally complicated, reward- and- punishment personality tests. 398 more words

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When it comes to men’s fashion, style and simplicity come together, wether you putting on a tuxedo or a shirt and Jean or a polo and a trouser, simplicity brings out the style in you, and today am going to post some cool men’s fashion style that also defines simplicity. 99 more words


Movie Review: The Free State Of Jones - Part III

Finishing up my review of the movie “The Free State of Jones”.

I found this very interesting piece from the Smithsonian Magazine, which gives some clues to the real story of the historical figure Newton Knight. 1,481 more words

Human Dignity

BB18 Finale: Paul Was Robbed

So for anyone who watched the Big Brother finale Wednesday night witnessed probably one of the biggest shocks in all these seasons of the show. Nicole beat Paul by a 5 to 4 vote from the jury. 517 more words

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The One Where We Made 6 Friends

September 22, 1994: The world changed.

Friends, widely regarded as the (or one of the greatest TV shows) in history premiered on NBC exactly 22 years ago. 156 more words

A shot of Gaga adrenaline

Not gonna lie,when i first heard perfect illusion on youtube,i thought to myself,am i listening to a demo of the song cause it just sounded so bare.not a single thing excited me about it.it’s limp and lacks the theatrics that comes along every lady gaga song.i love lady G with all my heart but i was ready to dismiss this as another dud on her music catalogue.but then i thought to myself,maybe because my expectations were so high that’s why i ended so disappointed with the song.so i gave it another shot.i spinned it a few more times for a couple of days that eventually it started to feel more like a job that i have to get through.and just like that i gave it up.then the music video dropped and all hell breaks loose.to say that this video does nothing to improve the songs mediocre reception would be a big fat lie.gaga frolicking in the dessert with no pupils?yes please.the last 30 seconds is a pure shot of adrenaline to your heart.if you dont start raging before the video fades to black then there is something seriously wrong with you.i’m always impartial to dance music but her latest creation definitely outshines any EDM slash dance hall hybrid music out there.this is her version of turning water into wine and i am gulping it with much Gusto.there is no denying that mother monster is officialy back and i am so glad that she did it on her own terms.the world is finally right again.

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