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Hitler's Urinal

“A Führer Arises Over Cronkite’s Piece of Potty Humor,” by Daniel Huang. The Wall Street Journal, 10/7/2015.

In the summer of 1970, Walter Cronkite gave to his friend, historian Cornelius Ryan, a piece of ceramic mounted on a walnut plaque with the inscription underneath, “Hitler Stood Here.” In an accompanying letter, Cronkite claimed it was a piece of urinal he had picked up from the ruins of Hitler’s private bunker, the Wolf’s Lair, immediately after the war. 202 more words

Popular Culture

Science: doesn't it intrigue you too? 

When I was at school, to say you loved a subject such as science would have made you a geek. Well so what?

Science is an amazingly fascinating subject, and I love hearing about all the weird and wonderful science behind things in life today – popular culture science shall we call it? 123 more words

7 People You'll Meet On Facebook

I love Facebook.  It’s like waking up in the morning and a couple of thousand people climb out of bed with you.  Then, before you know it, there’s this gigantic cocktail party going on.  542 more words

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Year 10 History - Popular Culture

Using the ideas from the viewing of the ‘Bombora’ documentary, plus your own research, complete the following assessment task. This will be handed out and discussed in the first lesson back from Holidays.

Year 10 Popular Culture – Surfing Essay #2

Year 10

Pop Music

Let’s be honest, today’s Top 40 pop music all sounds more or less alike, and Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Bieber, The Weeknd, et cetera, mostly perform songs written by a very, very small group of Scandinavian hit-makers with an eye for demographics and an ear for up-the-minute musical trends. 129 more words



I was introduced to this brand via October’s Vogue Australia. I just think it’s a really cool brand and basically thought that if you haven’t seen it you should. 100 more words


Back to Normality!!!

I bet you all are happy that its almost friday! For some of us,including me who have to work on saturday but i get to look forward to dinner on the town with my boyfriend that night so its all good! 317 more words