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Searching for 2016’s Song of Summer

What is a “Song of Summer?” At Consequence of Sound, Collin Brennan tries to define a hard-to-pin-down musical phenomenon, while looking at some notable examples from years past.


Fictional Friends II

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine, Rosalind (“Ros”) Myers was killed.  She was blown to pieces by a bomb, which, I believe, was planted by some renegade members of the CIA.  720 more words

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Predicate Logic and Popular Culture (Part 90): The Beatles

Let be the proposition “You need $latex x.” Translate the logical statement

This matches the title of one of the Beatles’ greatest hits.

Context: This semester, I taught discrete mathematics for the first time.

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Written and directed in 2014, Fool is a parody of beauty industry advertising, exploring the fetishisation of make-up products and how sometimes feminine dependency on the latter can become all-consuming. 6 more words

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Feminist Utopias and Battling Cruel Optimism in Ghostbusters

When I first heard about the new Ghostbusters, I was bursting with anticipation. But when the trailers started coming I quickly tuned out. Like a child who has peeked at their Christmas presents before the big day, I needed to hold the excitement in. 1,034 more words

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