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Eartha Kitt and feline metaphors

From practically the beginning, critics gushed over Eartha Kitt with every feline term imaginable: her voice “purred” or was “like catnip”, she was a “sex kitten” who “slinked” or was “on the prowl” across the stage, sometimes “flashing her claws”, and her career was often said to have had “nine lives”. 126 more words


Contextual Research - Production Statement

Contextual Research Task – Production Statement

This track wasn’t the one I planned on writing. My initial thought was to write something in a style familiar to my own and add a few electronic elements to flesh it out and create a little interest. 409 more words

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Contextual Research - Track Analysis

Contextual Research Task – Song Analysis

Ward Thomas – Carry You Home

Ward Thomas’s song ‘Carry You home’ is a pop/country track laden with reverb, synths and vocal harmonies. 181 more words

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Polyphonic Me Contextual Research - Playlist Reference

Compile a playlist of reference tracks that apply an approach you may take with this module.
Think about artists who utilise some of the techniques that we have covered,  how might this apply to your own compositional style.

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Polyphonic Me Session 5 - Sample and Hold Pt 1

You will need to make 1-minutes worth of music that is only composed from exisiting pieces of recorded music.

You can sample from any source but Spotify / youtube will give you a vast library to work from. 41 more words

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Polyphonic Me Session 8 - Synthtopia 2

You will need to sound design the following only using the factory patch:

A bass sound:
This should be in Mono, contain sub frequencies and benefit from timbre (filter, waveform)  modulation. 126 more words

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