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I Don’t Want My Man Card If …

If I can’t hold you so tight ’til time runs out her clock on our lover’s embrace. Because with your touch, there’s simply nothing I would want to have in its place. 548 more words

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The Metamorphosis of Her on Date Night

The marriage officiant didn’t provide me with a care manual for you my dear, but one thing I know is that your mind feeds highly on the sinful pleasures of date night. 485 more words

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Her Shine Sets on My Heart

You were the light in the darkness that was my life before I met you.  And when your heart decided to tell your lips to spit out your final goodbye, which so agitated my mind forevermore, my world’s sun began to fall back behind the mountainous joy you once created in me.   388 more words

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Her Heart Belongs in Paris

Life laughs and smiles at us from time to time like when it thinks giving our heart trials at moments in fleeting time may actually teach us something about our foolish selves. 1,108 more words

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Rest Your Lips on Mine

I hear your lips from a mile away scream at me to rest mine oh every so gently on yours but you remain so far, but not too far away that my lips begin their descent into anticipation of landing on your soft supple lips that I want to make mine today and forevermore because your lips are the oxygen in my universe for which I so desperately need to sustain myself for just one more day, a day that can only start with your vision to excite my eyes when I wake. 638 more words

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Longing in Manhattan

My eyes bumped into your amazing form one random Saturday afternoon in which the city, Manhattan, was bustling with tempestuous tourists trying to take from Mrs. 965 more words

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Calling Forth the Divine

Mom with Harry, Ron, me, and Sylvia in 1959

My parents were married on November 1, 1952, three weeks after Mom landed in Canada.
Six years later, at the age of twenty-five, she had four children to look after and business accounts to keep while learning a new language and finding her way in a different culture—never mind finding time to enjoy a new marriage. 567 more words