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Would you name your kid 'Tiger Woods'?

Back in 2013, a man in Singapore, Batman bin Suparman (“Batman son of Suparman”), has been jailed for criminal charges.

Quite ironic for a superhero name, isn’t it? 614 more words


Old Post Love

I had a good topic for today’s post: writing about how I came up with the name of my blog – orangeowldiaries.  Then I realized I wrote about this a year and a half ago.   416 more words

A To Z Challenge

Co-sleeping on national TV: Why I co-sleep with my kids and husband

Many people find it weird that I co-sleep with my 5-year-old, 2-year-old and husband, let alone the fact that we have appeared on national TV doing just that.  615 more words

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Eating Disorders at Easter: How to care for someone suffering 

I’ve not mentioned my eating disorder for a while because thankfully it has taken a bit of a backseat in my life (with a whole lot of will power and therapy). 868 more words

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A delicious Easter gift-list without the chocolate

I am a HUGE chocolate lover but when it comes to Easter, there’s too much chocolate, even for me, let alone my sugar-high kids.

I do, however, like giving at Easter so I thought I would help you too, to think about gifts that aren’t chocolate -based but are equally (if not more) delightful. 540 more words

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Bolognese, Lasagne and Huevos Rancheros recipes #ThankGoodness

Whether you’re cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three, we’ve got simple tasty recipes for some mid-week magic at your dinner table.

And this comes from me – a rustic, impatient and forced home-cook. 540 more words

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MasterChef UK: How my husband's life has changed in the 1 year since the show

It’s been a year since MasterChef contestant Chris Hale aka my husband graced our screens with his outlandish creations and fine food. And the plates have been heated once again for a new series of the BBC cooking show. 527 more words

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