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Nazca Lines? Waste of Time

Nazca, Peru. A mundane, baked town surrounded by nothing but scorched desert and arid wasteland for miles around. Well nothing but a few weird scratchings in the sand that is, better known as the Nazca Lines…

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Remote Working, anyone?

India found a tidal wave of startups between 2007 and 2008, where the companies catered to bridging gaps in e-commerce, logistics, and marketplaces.

The next wave hit us during 2013 – 2014, when incubators, accelerators, and funding organizations identified workable business ideas. 1,032 more words

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Isla Del Sol: The Best Bolivia Has To Offer

Bolivia is a remarkable country. It has some of the most beautiful remote landscapes that lie high up in Andean desert, and some of the most disgusting living city conditions I’ve ever witnessed.

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Why Griffland? What’s New?

I thought I’d follow up my blogging return last week in ‘An Update’ with a bit of clarification over what has changed since my last blog. 778 more words

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Eating a Guinea Pig in Peru, from a Fussy Eater

I’ll make no bones about it, I’m very safe when it comes to food. Although really that’s the complete opposite of what I should be doing, making no bones about it, because that’s all Peru’s hairy little friends really are, bone.

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Real Life Reads: Meet the founder of a kids activity app

Each week I’m featuring an inspiring person whose real-life experience is sure to inspire you.

This week… Mama Mei chats to a young entrepreneur who has set up a nation-wide app which helps parents locate child-friendly activities in their area. 450 more words

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An Update

Hello to anyone out there reading this. This post marks my return to the blogosphere, the creatively named ‘Michael Griffiths Blog’ is no more. This now marks the birth of my new rebranded and marginally more creatively named blog, Griffland. 464 more words

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