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The Huffington Post: The Gun Culture: A View From Within

This is an excellent and very thoughtful essay on the issue of guns, from Mary Wald at the Huffington Post. As a gun owner and avid target and trap shooter, I find a lot in her essay and some of the comments to be worthy of serious consideration. 195 more words

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JAMA Network | JAMA | Making Physical Activity Counseling a Priority in Clinical Practice:  The Time for Action Is Now

On the one hand, it’s good to see the conventional medical industry waking up to the fact that there is a self-care modality that will do more good for a person (even a person who is already diagnosed with some ailment) than virtually anything the medical care industry can offer: exercise. 318 more words

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Lessons from escaping poverty

Thirteen years ago, Jawaad, 13, was a carpet weaver in Pakistan, working 10 hours a day with his older brother, mother, sisters, and cousins. They earned enough to survive, no more no less. 488 more words

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Selling Health

We all know “Hump DAAAAY!”.

It’s a cultural icon, a rapidly recognized meme, and part of our vernacular around the office and throughout our social conversations. 1,003 more words

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Mortality in vegetarians and comparable nonvegetarians in the United Kingdom

Very interesting look at the differences in mortality between people who eat a vegetarian diet and those who eat meat or fish. It flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that a vegetarian diet healthier. 54 more words

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Focus on the process

Outcomes are important, but if the process is enjoyable, outcomes become easily attainable.

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City's new sodium rule a 'nonsensical scheme,' lawsuit says | POLITICO

Once again, the NYC Health Department overreached. They have not statutory authority for this rule, but that’s not stopped them before. That took a court. Let’s hope that the judge hearing this case is imbued with as much common sense. 53 more words

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