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Resisting Cancer | The Scientist Magazine®

Great article on how and why cancer happens. Written by one of the world’s experts on the genetics of cancer, the most striking take away is about how our bodies have evolved to have multiple tools that actually fend off cancer. 130 more words

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Fitness fundamentals still challenge Americans, poll finds | Fox News

This is embarrassing. We’ve become a nation of incompetents.

Despite an explosion of fitness advice from TV shows, blogs, books and online experts, a basic knowledge of health and exercise still eludes most Americans, according to a poll.

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ACOs and Population Health: The Value Narrative

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Before there was ‘accountable care’, the current full court press towards innovation – whether digital health app, platform or service delivery model, an emerging… 494 more words


Fulton State Hospital's non-discrimination policy includes gender identity

Originally posted by http://www.STLPublicRadio.org
By: Marshall Griffin


Missouri’s only state-run mental hospital has updated its non-discrimination practices to include gender identity.

That’s despite the fact that Missouri’s legal definition of discrimination does not include or protect sexual orientation or sexual identity. 214 more words


Quality-Spending Interactive - The Commonwealth Fund

A very cool interactive tool from the Commonwealth Fund on the variations in spending and quality around the U.S.

Sadly, people in my state, Missouri, spend more and get lower quality care. 90 more words

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What is True Population Health Management?

“Population health” is now a popular buzzword and all the rage, whether you are talking to disease management vendors, providers, employers, IT companies or even health policy wonks. 347 more words

Population Health Management

Population Health: Our lives, Our data

By Bernadette Keefe MD

On July 16th 2015 I had the pleasure of being on a panel discussing Population Health Management with eloquent, smart colleagues: Dan Munro ( 2,677 more words