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The Why, What and How of Population Health Management

I recently came across a very insightful video with Dr. Rishi Sikka, one of the foremost population health scientist, in which he spoke on the need for people to emphasize the why of population health management. 419 more words

Mark Behl

Engaging the patient key to future data sharing says Weintraub

The payers, employers, providers, government as a payer, pharmaceutical firms, bio-tech firms, and other health care participants are at the heart of using the information provided by analytical software, said Michael Weintraub, President and CEO, Optum Analytics, in an interview conducted at the Forbes HealthCare Summit. 109 more words


Going Old School

A good chunk of the NCVHSDG work is around new data sources, prioritization, uses, value propositions, privacy, access, and best practices around all that.

But there is another bucket of sources that are likewise important, if often undervalued or overlooked, those tried and true data sets with crazy longitudinal histories and valedictorian-level validation. 366 more words

Value Propositions

Comparing speed vs. value when measuring health outcomes

Health care organizations that are years into the transition to value-based care know a robust analytics solution that provides timely insights and actionable results can help them understand risk and manage patient populations. 339 more words


Weintraub believes data usage needs next wave of evolution

When you take a look at all the data systems that the health care industry as a whole has in place, Michael Weintraub, President and CEO, Optum Analytics, said in an interview conducted at the Forbes HealthCare Summit, the challenge is that there are hundreds if not thousands of disparate enterprise software systems that need to bring together vital information so that the view of the patient and the physician is all in one place. 118 more words