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ACE | Medical Exercise Specialist Certification

The absolutely last thing that anyone with any common sense should want is groups like ACE (and its cousins in public health foolishness, the ACSM… 152 more words

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'Jaw-dropping': Medicare deaths, hospitalizations AND costs reduced

Aha! Actual good news from the healthcare industry, for once. Interestingly, it comes from Medicare beneficiaries, and even more important, lead author Harlan Krumholz is shockingly honest in his assessment that some of the improvement in death rates is due to broad changes in public health and not medical care, per se. 100 more words

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Working Out Doesn’t Keep Your Brain Young: Study | TIME

Duh, no kidding. You take people who right around or older than the average age of death amongst U.S. adults and have them start exercising, and you expect what? 179 more words

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No, You Do Not Have to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day - The New York Times

If there is one health/fitness myth that just will not die, it is this: You should drink eight glasses of water a day.

It’s just not true. 43 more words

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Aging: It's A Good Thing!

 Honoring Active Aging Week 2015, September 27th– October 3rd.

From Active Aging Week website,

“This year’s Theme: Live Your Adventure!  Led by the International Council on Active Aging, Active Aging Week celebrates aging and active living. 431 more words


Medical Care and Control Theory

Piecework maximizes human productivity.  Make more things, get more money.  Garment workers and physicians both have been paid under this system — it’s great if the payment per piece is high but miserable if the price is low.   437 more words

Restructuring Health Care

Moving Toward a System of Health…Together

Blog post by Brian Castrucci

Brian Castrucci is the Chief Program and Strategy Officer at the de Beaumont Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, Brian spent a decade working in state and local health departments. 1,608 more words

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