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Healthcare Affected by Providers’ Interoperability using Health Information Exchanges


This paper explores how the healthcare industry works with relation to clinical data interoperability between providers and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). It examines the methods they use regarding the exchange and offers solutions which have the potential to not only facilitate the procedure, but to open new opportunities that are not possible or easily accessible at this time such as credible regional and national health data for use in public health. 5,678 more words


CDC Video: Emerging Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea

Emerging Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea: What’s New and What Now? – Medscape – Mar 06, 2017

Dr. Gail Bolan, director for the Division of STD Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines the latest developments in efforts to fight drug-resistant gonorrhea. 130 more words


The Medical Benefits of Taking a Holiday

A vacation is something we all look forward to as it breaks us away from our daily monotonous lives. Imagine if such holidays come with medical/healthcare benefits. 17 more words

Population Health

Dr. Stanford Addresses Barriers and Disparities in Obesity Treatment

April is National Minority Health Month—a time to raise awareness on issues impacting health disparities and health equity in America. Learn how Mass General’s Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford is addressing barriers and disparities by taking a holistic approach to both treat and advocate for patients who have obesity. 756 more words


Using Data to Impact Community Health and Drive Action: A Strategy Brief from the Practical Playbook

The use of data is central to population health improvement. The 2017 Practical Playbook National Meeting, Improving Population Health: Collaborative Strategies That Work, will feature insights, tools, methods, and examples related to identifying what data to gather, how to locate and collect it, and how to share it with other relevant stakeholders to generate interest and support. 112 more words


Future Pandemics: A Global Concern?

As predictions go, pandemics are one of the scariest. Inevitable and with a huge unknown quantity, pandemics are something that even the World Health Organisation are urging people not to ignore, with the frightening forecast that there will be, “sometime in the future, an event that will kill…somewhere between 80 and 90 million people.” 109 more words

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