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Population Health: An Informal Conversation with National Leaders

Yesterday I attended a panel discussion at Duke University Medical Center: “Population Health: An Informal Conversation with National Leaders.” The panel was made up of steering committee members from A Practical Playbook – a joint initiative of the CDC, de Beaumont Foundation and Duke Community & Family Medicine. 209 more words

Population Health

We need better science for better nutrition guidelines

Aaron Carroll of The Incidental Economist writes a very good column for The New York Times on the insipid basis upon which we develop so much of our “official” dietary advice. 121 more words

Population Health

Vox.com: If restaurants billed like hospitals, you’d probably stop going out to eat

The article below by Sarah Kliff of Vox is right on point. Healthcare is the only industry where we allow vendors to get away with the kind of absurd billing that she describes. 296 more words

Population Health

The Big Picture for Healthcare Facilities: Not Just Bricks and Mortar 

Tax Day, 2015

By: Larry Arndt and Christopher Newman

I’m pleased to co-author today’s post with Harvard educated Chris Newman, CEO of Health Services Planning Group, Inc.   1,100 more words

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What happens when lies and truth cross paths

Obviously, the messaging about ethics in advertising healthcare services is not getting through to many hospital administrators. In this article, medical ethicists pose important and serious questions about whether people can get accurate and useful information about quality of care in hospitals, especially when they are confronted with an endless stream of online ads for discretionary hospital services, many of which are of marginal clinical value, but of high financial value for the industry. 104 more words

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Vik Khanna reblogged this on Khanna On Health Blog and commented:

Hospital marketing is a swamp of incredible and baseless medical claims, all designed to seduce the unwitting.

Characteristics of a retail health insurance market ...

9 insights CEOs need to know in 2014

Highlights from the 2014 CEO Special Sessions

By Chas Roades, Chief Research Officer, The Advisory Board Company | Expert Perspective | August 13, 2014… 403 more words