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Strength training still advisable in older age -- ScienceDaily

Like many older adults (I am 57 now, and, unfortunately, the clock continues to move in only one direction and with frightening speed), the prospect of becoming dependent on others and not being able to live independently really disturbs me. 231 more words

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Higher nutritional quality at no additional cost among low-income households: insights from food purchases of “positive deviants”

Maybe the beginning of the end for another modern American nutrition “expert” driven myth: that poor people can’t eat healthy because it costs too much. They can’t buy organic. 109 more words

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JAMA Forum: “Loose Change” for Population Health

At last, there’s a growing recognition that the long-term sustainability of the US health care system depends on improving the health of populations. Unfortunately, this recognition is not yet accompanied by sustainable sources of funding to achieve this goal, such as support for such initiatives as community-based tobacco control, antiviolence programs, comprehensive home visiting programs, and environmental changes that help improve diet and promote exercise. 1,284 more words

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The Obamacare Death Spiral Is Still Coming

Gee, rates are going up. Is anyone actually surprised by this? From The Federalist….

It appears that after a full year of costly medical claims and now knowing that most of their losses on the exchanges won’t be covered, some insurers have little choice but to raise rates precipitously.

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Yogurt Has No Positive Effect On Health Says New Study : LIFE : Tech Times

This is a great example of really stupid science, published in the Journal of  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  The survey instrument used in this work, the SF-12, measures functioning along physical, mental, and emotional parameters and compiles discrete as well as composite scores. 310 more words

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