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Evaluating effectiveness of your organization against best practices for risk adjustment and quality programs

Whether it’s to reduce medical loss ratios or improve competitive positioning with more affordable products, health plans are under increasing pressure to reduce medical expenses through population health management. 585 more words

Population Health Management

Shire, Maker of Binge-Eating Drug Vyvanse, First Marketed the Disease - NYTimes.com

Most Americans are unaware of just how dramatically the healthcare industry is stacked against them. It is truly an army of people intent upon selling, selling, and selling some more, even when the sale is unnecessary, unhelpful, or outright harmful. 923 more words

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My most outrageous recollection of how this game was played is of the leader of a very powerful and prominent reimbursement consulting firm who treated government officials from what was then called the Health Care Financing Administration to weekends at his North Carolina beach house.

Podcast: Using predictive analytics to improve care quality

Being proactive about providing care for patients is an important strategy for quality improvement. Once a patient presents at the point of care, especially a high-risk patient, the time for prevention has passed. 64 more words


Hospital Discharges Rise at Lucrative Times - WSJ

This article in the Wall Street Journal dovetails with a post from a couple of weeks ago, on the intellectual fraudulence of the governance of American hospitals. 304 more words

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Read about my take on how hospitals game the reimbursement system, including the admission of hospital executives I've worked with, who actually took pride in their skill at fleecing taxpayers.

Podcast: Create opportunities for actionable intelligence with patient registries

As the buzz around population health management increases, you’re going to hear more about registries. Registries are HIPAA-compliant lists of patients who share common attributes. When registries are used to focus on patients in need of targeted actions to prevent negative outcomes, registries can be the backbone of a good care management program. 53 more words


Men's Health: The Best Way to Keep Building Muscle After 40

Amen to this, from Men’s Health. Three important principles apply:

  1. There is no such thing as unhealthy muscle. Muscle tissue is inherently healthy and functional, as is its chief attribute: strength.
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