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5 Fastest Growing U.S. Cities


Fastest Growing U.S. Cities

For jobs, lifestyle choices, weather, cost of living, retirement — you name it — we’re moving a lot. 838 more words


More Immigration, Not Less!

America needs more immigration, not less. The sooner this country is less than 50% Eurotrash, the better off the entire world will be

I know, I know, we might technically be there already, depending on the study, but I mean voting age.

Geo-politics, Socio-economics

Unpleasant Facts

Bob Wyman says my opinions are narrow-minded and unsubstantiated. Bob, everything you read with my name is factual and not off Fox News or the websites (Russian?) that you must use to get your information. 261 more words


Popupation pyramids updated

Upload the relevant packages and dataset. You can find the data on github here

options(scipen = 9)
setwd("/Users/alessandracarioli/Google Drive/blog/")
mydt % filter(iso=='UGA')</code>

The dataset includes population estimates at subnational level for Uganda. 204 more words


Why would the World population reach 7 or 10 billion?

A number range, that is forming the basis of conversations and actions of several industry sectors such as Food & Agriculture, Transportation, Water, Healthcare, Urban Planning, Architecture, Sustainability, Education is the expected world population by 2050, … 529 more words



Japan is in demographic free-fall.  At this rate China won’t have to take any action, they’ll just wait until Japan is to weak to respond.  Given that Japan is the strongest US ally in the region, this has a long-term impact on US policy as well.