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Time Out Days

On Tuesday I met up with Rachel and ended up in Porirua helping her with her new flat for the day. I was thinking that this is the last thing I should be doing on my one day off of Uni before my last International Relations Essay was due, but by the end of the day, I knew it was the time out that I seriously needed to get myself in check. 66 more words

Living Life

Porirua, New Zealand

I live awfully close to Porirua, New Zealand. It’s a small city by New Zealand standard or a large town by UK and USA standards. Some parts are down right photographic beauties. 30 more words

New Zealand

First Adventures

As you can probably tell, i have a lot of time on my hands… Annas schedule changed from 0700-1700 to midnight- noon, which means shes sleeping til 10:00 every evening… which means im alone most of the time. 670 more words

New Zealand

Lake Hayes from the Remarkables, Queenstown

The last of the 3 started in Java. This view is from the hairpin road to the Remarkables Skifield looking west towards the Arrowtown area across about 10km of glacial morrain. Oils 60cmx40cm

Alistair McDonald

Farmlet near Queenstown

The 1st, and most Expressionist(?), of the 3 oils completed in Java. This one was wide brush, lots of paint and minimal edits. Canvas, 60cmx70cm

Alistair McDonald

April 11, 2016 ... filling in time

Reading is dangerous. It fills your head with strange ideas. Likewise, listening to people whose photography you admire is disruptive. I am becoming accustomed to not feeling guilty if a day or three go by with no images made. 664 more words


Shotover River, near Queenstown

Near Yogjakarta in Southern Java, painting with Indonesia’s leading contemporary landscape painter John van der Sterren. John is encouraging me to use wider brushes, load up the paint and be more intuitive/cut loose more. 54 more words

Alistair McDonald