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On change at home: The need for the Filipino's sight to be trained longer than the short term

The Filipina, in general, has not received the international accolade she deserves; especially not with the impressions that certain women Filipinos — Napoles and the multi-billion tax scam… 253 more words


#ScrapPork - A new chapter of fighting against Graft & Corruption

Ever since the DARKEST SECRETS of the government has been revealed about the billions of taxes stolen by the politicians, Filipinos unite once more on the Million People March which took place at the Ayala Avenue, Makati. 516 more words


Of a dangerous class

It has been seen that the dangers incident to a representative democracy are of two kinds: danger of a low grade of intelligence in the representative body, and in the popular opinion which controls it; and danger of class legislation on the part of the numerical majority, these being all composed of the same class.

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Today, face the music

The crises we’re faced now, today, are the remains of the past. This is not the first time corruption and plunder have cropped up but when these did years ago nothing was done about it. 356 more words


Injustice everywhere

There’s now again a murdered journalist.  Government vowed to bring him and his family justice.  The massacre of 30 journalists in 2009 in Maguindanao – condemned by the international press community – allegedly by the local elected official then is still on pre-trial. 287 more words


Integrity in public officials

…pathetic government compensation scheme…is the main reason honest bureaucrats are getting harder to find these days.

– Butch del Castillo, Columnist, Business Mirror

I find this connection faulty (although I’m also for a review of the current government pay scheme) because there are many brilliant young people who are graduates of top schools working in national and local government units and national government agencies whose compensations are “pathethic” yet are honest and diligent workers.

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What we’re seeing now is too much focus on Napoles.  Let us remember that the primary duty bearers over public funds in this case the PDAF or pork barrel are public officials (they were the ones audited by COA). 161 more words