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Breakfast Balls

These were really good! InventedĀ these as a breakfast take on meatballs for the project. I used chicken sausage to cut back a bit on greasiness, which I think was the right call. 116 more words


Kalua Pig Cabbage Wraps

Kind of had mixed feelings about this pressure cooker recipe on its own – pretty plain. But I thought it worked pretty well in the wraps, so maybe worth revisiting? 191 more words

Pork Souvlaki

This was pretty good! A little simple, but good for feeding a crowd. I doubled this recipe for a group easily. I didn’t follow their tzatziki recipe and just improvised my own version. 96 more words

Pork Dishes

TYL Ribs and Rub

BBQ Lesson Number 1: Perfect ribs shouldn’t fall off the bone, there should be a little give when pulling the meat off the bone.

We’ve made ribs before, but we made them in the oven. 426 more words


Banh Meatball Sliders

I’ve done meatball banh mi before but wanted to try a different recipe for the challenge. I followed this one, since I’ve yet to use water chestnuts in a meatball before. 176 more words


Recipe in Progress: Okonomiyaki

We made this Serious Eats okonomiyaki recipe last week. Tasty, but we had issues with the recipe falling apart, so I’m going to experiment more with technique before committing to a go-to okonomiyaki recipe.

Sour Soup with Pork

A friend suggested sour soup as an interesting way to use rhubarb. I found this recipe, but beefed it up with some marinated pork. Really good and very low calorie. 261 more words