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I generally like yaki soba, but it doesn’t really excite me compared to a lot of other Japanese recipes. This was a solid version, though. 152 more words

World Debut for Malunggay and Yunnan Rose Petals

Published October 19, 2017, 12:06 AM

By Sol Vanzi

Filipinos around the world are rejoicing over world recognition of our two favorite pork dishes: adobo and sisig. 442 more words

China Blue


Another “Midnight Diner” recipe that we ended up liking quite a bit. I used this recipe as a base (though I doubled it) but cut the meat like a “glove” as I’d seen in several other versions online. 122 more words

What's Cooking on Instagram?

We’re always looking at food. If you like to see beautiful plates that inspire you to either cook or head for your favorite restaurant, Instagram is the place to be. 254 more words


Stamina Udon

I improvised this recipe, but through research found out that a hearty udon that’s heavy with meat, vegetable, and egg is called stamina udon, or sutamina udon.  135 more words

Pork Dishes

Pork Chile Verde (Slow Cooker/Pressure Cooker)

I tinkered with this recipe a bit but the ultimate results were quite good. My beans were not cooked after the recommended 7-8 hours. To fix this, I cooked them under pressure for 20. 169 more words

Anneh @ Damansara Uptown - Indian Rice with a PORK Twist

Since it’s public holiday today, I decided to head to Damansara Uptown to give Anneh a try. You would not catch me here, in this area, on a usual working day because traffic is a pain and acquiring a vacant parking spot takes ages.  796 more words