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Sour Soup with Pork

A friend suggested sour soup as an interesting way to use rhubarb. I found this recipe, but beefed it up with some marinated pork. Really good and very low calorie. 261 more words

Pork and Quinoa Meatballs

Nice recipe – interesting spices. Paired with salad for a nice, basic weeknight meal. 208 more words

Asian Rice Cakes with Pork

I’ve made variations on this dish twice and keep forgetting to post it – and then forgetting the recipe because it’s an impromptu one. Let’s hope this one’s close, as I really like rice cakes and this meal was a big hit both times. 302 more words

Hambagu Steak / Dueling Hambagu Meatballs

It was John’s idea to have hambagu steak in curry sauce for dinner this week. This is a dish we had in Japan at Denny’s, of all places (yes, Denny’s is quite different in Japan). 409 more words

Katsu Sando

I was kind of obsessed with getting these at train stations in Japan. It’s kind of a weird dish – a pork cutlet sandwich, served room temperature on white bread – but for some reason it works (and is actually fairly easy to make). 158 more words

Stuffed Cabbage-Inspired Porcupine Meatballs

These were decent, if not mind-blowing.

I made up the recipe inspired by my typical take on stuffed-cabbage. I’m not sure the rice added much here, but I’m curious to make some sort of porcupine meatball again starting with uncooked rice to see if there’s a texture difference. 178 more words

Easy Oriental Part 16 - Ants Climbing a Tree

We westerners have an ongoing love affair with Chinese food. Dishes such as Sweet and Sour Pork, Beef and Broccoli and Kung Pao Chicken have become firm favourites across the western world. 386 more words