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Becky's Family Meatballs (Danish and Italian)

Not one, but two meatball recipes comin’ atcha. And this time, with a guest star!

Ever since this project began, I’ve been excited to pair up with Becky to make both of her family recipes for meatballs. 325 more words

Breakfast Pie

It’s that time of year again and no I don’t mean the holidays so stop trying to rush Christmas! No, it’s that horrible time of year that we have to experience twice a year, it’s old and antiquated and ¬†if you guessed Daylight Savings then you get fifty points! 349 more words


Pork and Garlic in Hanover, NH

Pork and garlic dish at The Orient in Hanover, NH



Thai Chicken Meatballs with Peanut Sauce

Another meatball on the books! This one was quite good. I used this recipe for inspiration with some adaptations. We served with a Thai cuke salad and white rice. 111 more words

Breakfast Balls

These were really good! Invented these as a breakfast take on meatballs for the project. I used chicken sausage to cut back a bit on greasiness, which I think was the right call. 116 more words


Kalua Pig Cabbage Wraps

Kind of had mixed feelings about this pressure cooker recipe on its own – pretty plain. But I thought it worked pretty well in the wraps, so maybe worth revisiting? 191 more words

Pork Souvlaki

This was pretty good! A little simple, but good for feeding a crowd. I doubled this recipe for a group easily. I didn’t follow their tzatziki recipe and just improvised my own version. 96 more words

Pork Dishes