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Pork Baked Caulibroc

Calories: 270 per serving

Serves: 4

This dish was inspired by my love to one of our traditional Maltese dishes. Baked rice, ‘Ross il-Forn’ is a dish that my darling mum often baked on Sundays! 230 more words

Whole 30


Totally got Midnight Diner-tastic up in here! This is the recipe they make in the first episode (no noodles for the mysterious cab driver). It’s basically a pork and vegetable stir fry ramen with a very basic broth. 160 more words

Chicken Wonton Soup

This was tasty and fun to make. The only criticism I have is that the wontons got a little gummy, maybe from the corn starch? John is making them and frying them as an appetizer tonight – curious how they will turn out! 449 more words

Shio Ramen with Chashu and Marinated Egg

I made this recipe a couple of months ago, so it doesn’t count towards the Japanese challenge. I’ve been avoiding putting it online because it’s complicated to write out, and I felt the shio base recipe was a little off (made less than what the recipe seemed to indicate, or their base to water ratio is off). 347 more words


This simple ground pork and egg rice bowl was a big hit as part of the Japanese cooking challenge. 82 more words

Ten Canadian Provinces of New Recipe Tuesday – Week Eight – Quebec – Tourtière

Welcome to Week Eight of the Ten Canadian Provinces of New Recipe Tuesday! This week we explore the province of Quebec, the second largest province after Ontario. 744 more words


Sweet N Spicy ' Asian Style' Meatballs

So, yesterday was a fun day for me. You guys know I have a thing for pork, and all things meatball like, or stuffed lol… 505 more words

Pork Dishes