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Getting cosy with Kess.

This feels like an inception moment, giving an interview inside a room lavishly decked out in the same decadent décor as that in The Interview, the new game from MadPea. 1,107 more words


Porchetta scratchings

I love pork scratchings. Not the puffy light ones they call ‘pork crunch’. No, they’re rubbish. Airy imposters. The proper heavy deep fried chunks of pig exterior – that’s what I’m talking about. 52 more words


Back scratcher, back scratcher!!!

As a younger man I remember spending time in English pubs. In those days, food was not usually offerred, unless it was a cob* at lunch time (which confusingly, we called dinner).  238 more words

Good Eatin': ...And Now We've Passed 600

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

Look at this! Thanks to some re-focussing and the addition of the new book things have really accelerated. 1,123 more words

In Progress

Pork Scratching ( The Ultimate Bar Snack)



pork belly skin 200g piece, scored (ask your butcher)

table salt

white wine vinegar 2 tsp

sea salt, paprika or celery salt… 103 more words

Great British Food

Parcelled sunshine.

So many thanks to my blogging compadre and unflinching guide to the incredible diversity of West Coast edibles, Vicente (Vittle Monster).  This unlooked-for and pleasant surprise came through the post this morning – a taste of San Francisco in Swansea.   128 more words


No Diet - Homemade Pork Scratchings

So we bought this really nice piece of pork shoulder since we wanted to make pulled pork. And although normally the skin is the best part of the roast pork bit, we dismanteled the pork of its beautiful skin and put the pork in the slowcooker (different recipe). 148 more words