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PA supreme court releases hundreds of porn emailed by state’s top prosecutors

HARRISBURG, PA – The term “dirty little secrets” has taken on a pornographic meaning in Pennsylvania.

The state’s supreme court released nearly a thousand pages of salacious, smutty, sometimes racist emails and images passed around by former top officials in the state’s attorney general’s office. 225 more words


50 Shades of Indian Government – 5 things Modi Sarkar should Ban next!


In an attempt to make the Internet ‘clean’, the government of India decided to ban pornographic sites. It was a crackdown for the very first time in the country, a significant thing in the history of Indian internet; porn was blocked and 857 websites washed away in a weekend. 424 more words

The Dirty Tattoo's!

Ten Dirty and sexy Tattoo’s you would love to have a look on!











Let me know if you get some more exciting tattoo’s like the above one. 89 more words


Ever Shared Sensitive Content on Twitter-Join 10 Million Accounts Being Deleted Shortly

In a major move to restrict promotion of obscenity and pornographic material in Twitter, the social networking site today had said that it would be working towards deleting close to 10 Million accounts which have been reported to share adult content under the heading “Contains Sensitive Content”. 76 more words


Its Official-Periscope Stores and Uses Your Deleted Videos

Just when you thought that your private videos in Periscope could be deleted so that they no longer be a part of your account, Periscope has said that videos once uploaded are considered the property of Periscope and that it was free to use/distribute/copy/store them in any manner it deemed fit. 106 more words


The Seven Deadly Sins Part 4: Lust - TWC Daily Devotional 20150515

TWC – The Word Connects: Connecting you to God and to one another … Friday 15 May 2015

Lust is the fourth of the seven deadly sins we want to examine. 495 more words



Any material or media that is created with the purpose and intent of inspiring explicitly sexual feelings of arousal or excitement. Outside of the realm of art, the material is most likely not created with the intent of stimulating the imaginative process, or provoking an emotional experience for the viewer. 181 more words