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Naked or Not on Social Media.

For some unknown reason – is it just me? I seem to be getting really inappropriate followers and people who want to friend me. I have followers on twitter that post pornographic pictures of women in really inappropriate positions. 453 more words

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First "Play" Experience

I’m going to be honest. I was terrified for Tuesday, our first play-date.

We had been texting regularly since our beach day on Thursday, and I was still very interested in Master, and curious about the role as a sub. 1,771 more words

Judge a Country by her Candidates?

Trump is a tyrannical Misogynic narcissist suffering from senility. He is a racial phobic bully, who wants to build walls to keep immigrants out while being married to one who dons the covers of pornographic magazines. 123 more words

Text Comparison of "The Romance of Violette"

The Authorship of Translation: Textual Comparison of The Romance of Violette

There are two distinct versions of The Romance of Violette that were published in the 19th century; the original French edition which was published in 1883, and the translated English edition, which was published in 1897. 908 more words

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Text Mining in "My Secret Life"

Text Mining the First and Final Volume of My Secret Life

The novel My Secret Life is a daunting text, due in large part to its sheer size and magnitude. 836 more words

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Critical Analysis of a Text

The Personal Nature of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum

In his introduction for the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, Ashbee states that he wishes for his bibliographical project to be different than bibliographies that have come before, as he deems these projects as inferior. 882 more words

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Pinterest Curation of Teleny Front Covers

Pinterest Curation of Teleny Title Pages

One aspect of Teleny that people have been fascinated with over the years has nothing to do with the content of the novel; it has everything to do with the book’s author. 1,120 more words

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