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The new sex industry

They promised a decaying world with sex all around… They are now taking action and forcing us into pornographic sex, search for the orgasm performance without any clues about the energy transfers, about the development of the inner body consciousness. 296 more words


Sarah Uses "Spanking" to Sell SEX

It seems to be a Palin Family Value.  Selling Sex is a great business.  People are curious.  The police in Alaska seem to be some of their best customers.   243 more words

(Photos) Teacher Nearly Sacked For Posting Pornographic Instagram Bikini Pictures.

A pretty teacher whose bikini photographs on her Instagram page were slammed as “inappropriate” and “pornographic” has won a stand-off with her school.

Mindi Jensen was ordered to take down the pictures, make the account private or be sacked after a student’s parent viewed them and complained. 84 more words

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Masculine Vulnerability

He is tough! He can take it, whatever we throw at him, he will not crack! He can drink nine pints of Stella and eat a chicken Vindaloo, four chilli kebabs and then neck half a bottle of vodka! 548 more words



Pornographic thoughts
penetrated her mind
as she eagerly awaited
his response

X-rated audio blares out of Target loudspeakers, stunning customers

Shoppers at a Target in California were left stunned when an X-rated recording was broadcast over the store’s public address system.

Customers in the San Jose store, many of whom were with their children, stopped in their tracks when profanity-filled, pornographic audio blared out of speakers, with shopper Gina Young putting a recording of it  204 more words


18 Women Share What They Love About Being Sexually Dominated

1. “Listen, I’m a boss bitch in my everyday life. I work full time, I go to school full time and I support myself through all of it. 945 more words