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Some statistics 

Here are some statistics on pornography use. Previously, I would take comfort in the fact that everyone else was doing it. But, I know I am not called to be like everyone else. 66 more words


The Reward System Doesn't Work

There are many different strategies for trying to quit addictive habits. One of these strategies is the concept of “cheat days.” Cheat days are often associated with diets. 254 more words


Porn Wiki Leaks Page


I’m only posting this merely to show support to those that are exposing the lives of the morons, jews, freemason whites, and other sick filths that are involved in the porn industry. 47 more words

Jewish Question

Don't Wait To Quit!

For many years I told myself, oh I’ll quit when I have to. One more time won’t change anything. I was so wrong. Everyone thinks that they can stop whenever they want. 143 more words


73 Days Porn Free

Its been a little bit over 10 weeks since I’ve watched porn! It’s been a tough experience, but a lot of growth has come of it. 233 more words


I would love to hear your story

The other day I received my first email from someone who read through this blog. He decided to take the first step in battling his porn addiction before he gets married. 131 more words


Dear Spouse of a Porn Addict

I am so glad you are here.  I realize pulling a blog up on a computer is easier than walking through a support group door or spilling your heart to someone who might not understand.   995 more words