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In His Image - Purity

I got to share this message with King’s Church Home, my church community in Manchester. It’s Part 2 in a 4 part series looking at Sex, Relationships and Purity, Marriage and Singleness. 16 more words

Holy Spirit

The Wildest Thing That Happened to Me in Jail

Note: I haven’t told a good jail story in a while. I know this is long, but I think it’s a pretty good story. Thanks for reading. 2,180 more words

Pornography Addiction

The U.K. Is About To Regulate Online Porn, and Free Speech Advocates Are Terrified

It’s often said pornography is a hidden driver of technological change, thanks to the industry’s readiness to adapt to market trends. As one story goes, the wider selection of porn on VHS was the decisive factor in its dominance over Betamax in the 1980s. 1,711 more words

'The Sadeian Woman and the Ideology of Pornography' by Angela Carter (review)

Trigger warning: this post contains detailed references to sexual assault and sadistic sexual practices of an extreme nature. 

The Marquis de Sade, canon of cruelty and archdeacon of disgust, could hardly be described as a poster boy for the empowerment of women. 1,548 more words


Female Fantasy Addiction: The New Infidelity

This week I have the privilege of sharing a guest post written by women’s addiction recovery coach and best-selling author Lacy Bentley. You may remember, I interviewed Lacy on… 2,196 more words


Not My Pastor

I checked at the local library, (using a fake name, of course)  and there is an approximately nine-month waiting list for this title.

Pastor Davis sounds like a fun guy, no? 63 more words

Upskirting: A new criminal offence but will the legislation do the job?

Upskirting for anyone who has not come across the term is the act of taking unauthorised pictures under a skirt or kilt to capture images of the crotch area and sometimes genitalia. 467 more words