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PEDOGATE: The Ties Run Deep - Clark, Humer, and Koons

#Pedogate – The ties run deep. NCMEC – Washingon Post – NED – Podesta Group – Lockheed Martin – and back to NCMEC. Now I’ve found a huge conflict of interest within the ICMEC with drugs, alcohol and art promoting child exploitation and pornography.


Exposing Twitter's Massive Porn Problem

Apparently 1 in every 1000 tweets is pornographic. What. the heck.

Great article, with some simple call to actions that we can all perform.

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New Podcast: Margaret Thatcher and Pornography

The late 1970s and 1980s saw a boom in the production and consumption of pornography. Like other areas of the economy, pornography was benefiting from the freedoms of the market under Margaret  Thatcher. 227 more words


An Open Letter About Porn to Christian Husbands, Pastors, and Husbands-To-Be

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Dear Christian Husbands, Pastors, and Husbands-to-Be: 995 more words


Emotional Rollercoaster

Where is Vivian Green at with her smash hit “Emotional Rollercoaster” when you need it?

That’s how I felt yesterday.

First off, I slept like a… 2,056 more words


Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry

The following is a copy of an article that appeared in Jewish Quarterly. The site being frequently down, is the reason why I’m posting it here. 2,577 more words

Jewish Behavior

Reverend Meningsbee (Part 43) Broad Shoulders... February 26th, 2017

Even though spring was less than two weeks away, the Windy City was still frigid, with sporadic snow flurries careening through the air.

Meningsbee had spent too much time admiring and devouring his deep-dish pizza, and so found himself hurrying the short distance down the street, to… 1,181 more words

Reverend Meningsbee