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Hello. My name is Lyle.

I’ve blogged a few times before in the past, but for whatever reason it never stuck with me. Just about random stuff. 752 more words

Email questions: Ending porn habit, foul-mouthed worker

On this talk show: Answers to listener questions, including…how to break a long-time porn addiction…plus, how a Christian man should handle a foul-mouthed co-worker

https://bandofbrothersradioshow.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/april-27-bob.mp3… 19 more words


Beauty Pageant Saboteur

I gave Ms. Texas dark chocolates
Til she broke out in zits
I told them that Ms. Washington
Had fake silicone tits

I hid Ms. Indiana’s weave… 197 more words


Free E-Book on Pornography: Chapter 7: How Badly Do You Want a Fresh Approach?

Are you ready to win every time?

Ask yourself this question, “Wouldn’t it be great to beat porn at its own game.

Keep on reading.  You find tools to  772 more words


Victorian Romance

How flowing the Victorians were
Romance at the center of life
Recite your favorite poet
I am sure you know the verse
Yet if they knew… 72 more words

Pornography In Society

Denmark became the first country in the world to legalize written pornography in 1967 followed quickly by visual pornography in 1969 (Kutchinsky 1992). Researchers in Denmark during the 1960’s were able to study and compare reported sex crimes after pornography was decriminalized. 225 more words


Free E-book on Pornography: Chapter 5; If You Are Serious about Recovery, the First Step Is Here!

“Pray the Following Prayer and

Feel Your Heart Stir

Within You.”

I am discouraged, God. I do not know what to do.

I am having all these sexual feelings.

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