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Sex Struggles - Kind Of....almost.

Sex.  That’s where I left off…the topic of sex.

Sex is everywhere.  I mentioned this before…media, video games, movies, television shows, you name it.  It’s there, and it sells.  984 more words

Pornography Addiction: Astonishing Secrets Revealed in Your Face

Believe me; You do not want to miss out on the secrets.

As you imagine what people see in your face, you will search deep inside to… 35 more words


Pornography: Law or Morality?

One of my contacts on Facebook this morning posted a warning to the effect that “IF YOU ARE BELOW 18, PLEASE DON’T WATCH THE MOVIE TITLED: … 818 more words

The Spectrum of Pornographies: A Man's Perspective PART 1

This post is part of the series I’ve been doing about the spectrum of pornographies, you can read the others (along with a few of my previous posts that cover the subject) … 1,734 more words

Guest Blog

A Deceitful Lover

by Boyd Bailey

Pornography is a deceitful and destructive lover. What may start out as a thrill sets up its consumers for a painful, destructive spill. 421 more words

Marriage Family Relationship

The (N)/Ever Possible Harmony of Feminism and the Porn Industry



Pro-Sex Feminists.

All these labels bring a stale taste to my mouth. As a woman who vehemently agrees in the political belief that the females should be allowed access to the discourse of sex as much as men do, to shout from the rooftops their joys and pleasures and to play their sexual games on a completely equal field, I feel I should take up the banner with the women who defined this movement. 951 more words

Semenomics: The Sex Trade's Twisted Ties to Academia

A big part of the morning ritual where I live involves a group of salty old codgers who set up shop around the coffee pot at the filling station and conduct informal surveys of who is and is not blessed by the availability of work on the given day. 3,841 more words

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