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That Porn Article

So this post has been going around:

Porn Makes Men Terrible in Bed

Admittedly, I’ve been avoiding it a little bit. In principle, I like porn. 752 more words


Former Party Pals of Trump Detail Coke-Fueled Sex Parties With Underage Models

It’s no secret that underage girls are some of the most exploited people in the modeling industry. A new report by the Daily Beast indicates that before he became the Republican nominee, then-upcoming real estate mogul Donald Trump was at the forefront of such exploitation. 523 more words

Daily News

On Chick Tracts

I still remember the first time I encountered a Chick tract, but I can’t remember if it was the 4th or the 5th grade. I think I might have been hanging around after school for some reason. 1,558 more words


Ex-wedding photographer accused of tricking dozens of women into sex

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A former wedding photographer faces multiple charges after allegedly tricking dozens of women into having sex with him, then blackmailing them to ensure their silence. 494 more words


What is the difference between a porn star and a prostitute?

It sounds like the beginning of a crude joke but I’m serious. A porn star performs sex acts for money in front of a camera. A prostitute performs sex acts for money in private. 433 more words

Love Me, Love Porn. Fuck You.

Peggy Lee’s I’m a Woman was playing on the stereo. I say stereo…I mean the large scale projector that mounted its don’t-look-anywhere-else light upon the far wall. 2,385 more words


Sad Sex Robots

Note: This can be a touchy subject. The very last thing I want to do is bring any shame to it. This is not about drawing conclusions or saying what is right and wrong. 1,578 more words