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Protecting our Kids from the Dangers of the Internet, Part I

With two teenagers in the house (how did that happen so fast?), I have become increasingly concerned about the dangers and effects of the internet and social media on our young people. 1,352 more words


It's good to give up porn

Not sure how, but I stumbled across this video on YouTube about a bloke that gave up porn and had a better sex life and marriage with his wife. 202 more words


TechCrunch: Researchers find that filters don’t prevent porn

TechCrunch: Researchers find that filters don’t prevent porn . “In a paper entitled Internet Filtering and Adolescent Exposure to Online Sexual Material, Oxford Internet Institute researchers Victoria Nash and Andrew Przybylski found that Internet filters rarely work to keep adolescents away from online porn.”

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Sexting online abuse

Sexting is sending nude or semi-nude photos by mobile phone, or posting sexual images on social networking sites like eg. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.

Often, teens send explicit images to a partner or friends for their eyes only. 153 more words

Online Abuse

This Is Destroying More People, Pastors, Marriages Than Anything in History

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As we see the daily political and social turmoil in our society, Christians are praying for God to send a spiritual revival to stir the church and ignite the fire of repentance throughout the land. 979 more words


Bloomington Sex Salon

By Amanda Jacobson
February 17, 2013

It began with a poem.

Debby Herbenick, co-director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at IU’s School of Public Health, read “Ode to an Oosik,” a poem celebrating the ever-rigid and lengthy penis of a male walrus.

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E-30: Kayaking, Biting Flies, and Pornography!

In this episode …

1.) … Jason takes us on a recent kayaking adventure around Assateague Island near Ocean City, MD, and shares some insight and guidance into the lure, temptation, struggle, and pain of pornography. 130 more words

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