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Saturday Night Dive. Stoned Conversation #31.

Here I am on a Saturday night in my backyard writing studio, stoned and walking around with a black composition notebook in my right hand trying to kill the flies that have snuck into my space. 1,535 more words

Watching Porn Frequently Could Make You A More Religious Person: Study

Pornography sites get more visitors than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined. Despite this, X-rated videos remain a taboo, something people rarely talk about or admit to viewing because of a moral stigma. 347 more words


The porn problem: Prayer isn't enough

“They realize they are not bad people trying to be good. They are sick people trying to get well.”

The public is becoming increasingly aware that pornography addiction is a real problem for many men and women in our culture—and Catholics are no exception. 1,040 more words


Fighting the exploitation of children begins at home.

Sexual exploitation: the sexual abuse of children and youth through the exchange of sex or sexual acts for drugs, food, shelter, protection, other basics of life, and/or money.

1,932 more words

Science vs. social liberals

Just as there are social conservatives, there are social liberals. I define “social liberal” as anybody who is liberal when it comes to social issues. It the opposite of social conservative. 220 more words


Elizabeth Smart Speaks About Pornography's Role In Her Abduction (Video)

A week ago, our friends at Fight the New Drug released a newsworthy article and video (below) about Elizabeth Smart. In the video, Elizabeth shared her story, recalling how pornography made her “living hell worse”. 123 more words


'Degrassi High' actor Jason Dickens, three women charged in child pornography probe

TORONTO — A former actor, his partner, and two other women have been charged with various sex and child pornography offences following an eight-month investigation, Toronto police said Thursday. 356 more words