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Technology is really not my thing. I am fairly certain there is a monster living in my computer and so I have the little lens thing that allows you to video chat with people covered over by a small bit of a post-it note. 2,189 more words

|My (Awkward) Day|


Slapping blood suckers
Take a ticket
Seats are sticky
We wait in mortuary grey
Birds clack against glass
Air conditioning on high
Large, sweating bodies… 172 more words

A low-key first night in Vienna

A low-key first night in Vienna. A few beers in my room, one in the bar then walked down to ML Revue. I won’t bother again. 143 more words

James Deen is a Rapist and Liberal Men Share the Blame

Two weeks ago, I bought a writing program called Scrivener. I promised myself I would use its features to slow my writing down and sort my thoughts better. 393 more words

Prostitution And Pornography

The 6th commandment (student version)

I am a devout Catholic who struggles with the sin of pornography.

Time and again, I renew my identity in Christ and yet time and again I find myself coming back to this old vice of mine. 789 more words