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Gadget and Parenting In The Age Of Online Pornography

Oleh : Faisal Sundani Kamaludin

(Senior Teacher International Islamic School  Malaysia, dan Parenting Prime Smart Islamic Montessori School)

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Oleh Wina Risman

(co-founder Parenting with Elly Risman & Family, dan Teaching Advisor Prime Smart Islamic Montessori School)

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God's plan for marriage and sexuality

Genesis 1:27, 2:24


The amazing thing about the Bible is that it addresses nearly every area of human life. Money? It’s in there. Death? 1,991 more words

Sermons & Addresses

Episode 10: “Lalaki, Babae, Lalaki” with Ken Andaya

While calls for acceptance and respect for diversity are steadily increasing in favor of LGBTQ+ rights, many still wonder about the root cause of homosexuality. Some people blame genetics. 278 more words

Glorious Hope



I believe this number to be kind of magic. I have told my self for a few years that when I am able to go twenty-one days with out slipping up, I am well on my way to healing. 402 more words

The One Dating Guide You Should Read In 2018

STRETCHY, sultry days, shady trees and cool pools deliciously conspired to present me with plenty of time to read over the summer break. And the one book which stood out from the copious tomes which crossed my path was this one: … 671 more words


It's "Stormy" Weather

We have a full shutdown of the government…..so let’s talk…..SEX.

Back in the 80’s a candidate had a blond sit on his knee and he dropped out of politics…..in the 90’s we had a prez that got a BJ and was impeached….in the 2000’s a candidate had an affair and almost went to jail….and in 2016 we have a prez that is proud of grabbing women by the genitals and he is still popular….my my how times change. 644 more words