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The Madness of King George: Blue Urine and Bondage Chairs!

Viewing Dragon Knight while I was sick left me a little mentally imbalanced, and I needed something to help me recover. So I turned to a film about another man seeking help with mental illness, … 3,442 more words


Rare Disease Month/Day 2015: You need to be your own activist.

We are now in February, 2015, and midway through the 28 day lead-up to International Rare Disease Day. A quick search of “Rare Disease” on Google News displays a multitude of articles and press releases by outlets and organizations. 690 more words

"Political Malpractice"

~Esther Mitchell, 2014~

While corporations and insurance companies,
Battle it out to see who can line more pockets,
Reorganize themselves out of the truth, out of the blame, 169 more words

My World


~Esther Mitchell, 2011~

I feel the stares of disdain,

The sneers and whispers you think so hidden,

Because you’ve never experienced my pain,

Or tried to understand my fear. 111 more words

My World


~Esther Mitchell, 2011~

I cry myself to sleep at night,
tears muffled by my pillow;
I fear the sleep in which I once found solace, 254 more words

My World

Dracula's Disease

Oversensitivity to sunlight, painful skin redness and blisters when exposed to sunlight, garlic causing agonizing abdominal pain, receding gums giving the appearance of fangs – sounds familiar? 77 more words

Human Body

Porphyria: A Truly Evil Disease

With Halloween rapidly approaching, and bringing with it the usual heightened interest in ghouls, goblins, spooks and monsters of all kinds, it’s not at all unusual that we find additional interest also at this time of the year in the legends and myths surrounding vampires. 1,639 more words