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The Symptoms of Porphyria

The signs and symptoms of porphyria vary depending on what type and the severity of the condition.

Episode 19: Curious King George

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Despite being one of the longest-reigning British monarchs as well as wildly popular among his own people, King George III gets a bad rap as the “mad king who lost America.” In truth the story of George’s life is touching and sad. 390 more words


How The Myth Of Vampire Have Been Started?

In the 1980’s, some historians claimed that the vampire myth may have come about because of a little known genetic condition called PORPHYRIA.

But is this really the case? 225 more words

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George III revealed

This documentary, presented by Robert Hardman of the Daily Mail, unveils some of our longest-serving King’s secrets, such as a draft abdication letter after American independence was achieved. 202 more words

Television Reviews

Porphyria's Lover

The rain set early in to-night,

The sullen wind was soon awake,

It tore the elm-tops down for spite,

And did its worst to vex the lake: … 388 more words


29th January 1820. Bad Blood.

The womanising cricket playing, Duke of Dorset writing from his embassy in Paris could only offer as a cure for porphyry: ‘a remede (sic)…it is tout simplement the blood of a jack-ass which after passing a clear napkin through it two or three times is given to the patient to drink’. 612 more words


Awkward Almost Flashings And Other Worldly Monster Knockers

I’m a vampire. Not in the “kiss me Edward, you delicious sparkly creature” sense but in the my skin in sunlight feels like how bacon sounds when it’s cooking sense. 575 more words