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Let's try this weekly recap thing

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much these days. Or maybe you haven’t noticed because you’re one of the many people who doesn’t read blogs that much anymore. 388 more words

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Porphyria Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Complications, Prevention And Treatment

Porphyria is the umbrella term for a group of uncommon disorders that include a specific particle called “heme” or ‘haem’. Heme contains press and is utilized as a part of metabolic procedures all through the body. 419 more words


Better bring a good umbrella

Ocean Falls, B.C. averages 330 days of rain per year. The low availability of sunlight has prompted a South African family with pophyria to move to the area. 25 more words

The Hunt

So here’s something that never quite happened before. I had an idea for a short story and decided to render it as a poem instead. But the poem quickly grew unwieldy and so I had to pare it back to the point where the plot of the story got lost. 200 more words


Supplements, Dietary and Otherwise

Attacks in the acute porphyrias can often make it very difficult to take in enough food to satisfy a person’s nutritional needs. When that happens, some people will try to make up for their lost nutrition by taking in large numbers or amounts of dietary supplements. 525 more words


The Highest Distinction

“You are the only person I know that has handled this much of their own urine. I’m not sure whether to be impressed with your perseverance with this or be repulsed by the fact that you stored your own urine in your fridge hahahaha then again, what do I know [?] I have a dead fox in my parents freezer.” 471 more words