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Don't Read This If You Think It's Going To Make You Mad...

I think I just need to write. Without thinking about it and wanting to do anything about the words. You probably won’t even read this but I don’t even think that’s the point. 681 more words


Meeting the Replacement

Henry sank deep into a worn out couch that had felt the weight of more bodies on it than the world’s shoulders. He glanced at the people around him whilst sipping his drink. 891 more words


The most beautiful thoughts occur in the mind. It is the imperfection of language that hinder them. So when you’re feeling like no body else quite gets it– assume that they do, and are simply struggling to phrase it just like you. 8 more words


No nonsense øl

(Oprindeligt bragt i JP Blogs den 24. april 2013)

I vores beruselse over, lovprisning af og overstyret favorisering af endnu et mikrobryggeri med endnu en ny IPA , endnu en ny imperial porter eller andre øltyper, som alligevel smager som en pale ale eller en IPA, må vi som ølkendere ikke glemme kvaliteten i de mellemstore, danske bryggerier. 1,295 more words