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Neither the Sun nor the Hand Will Come Out Tomorrow

Due to the rain that’s expected to continue through tomorrow, The Hand Pointing to Heaven will not be placed back on its perch in Port Gibson tomorrow morning, so if you were planning to make the trek to watch, keep an eye on the… 30 more words


See The Famed Port Gibson Hand Up Close

This Wednesday the landmark hand of the First Presbyterian Church in Port Gibson will be returned to its place on the church steeple.  If you’d like to see the hand up close before it returns to its lofty perch, you are invited to do so.   141 more words


Hand Pointing to Heaven Now Pointing Toward Virginia

Yesterday morning, bright and early, the famous Hand Pointing to Heaven high atop the steeple of Port Gibson’s First Presbyterian Church came down to the ground and is now on its way to Virginia where it will be repaired and then re-gilded by… 235 more words


Port Gibson's Wintergreen Cemetery damaged

Port Gibson’s Wintergreen Cemetery, an oasis of cedar trees dripping with Spanish moss amongst evocative grave markers and beautiful iron fences, suffered damge in the strong storms that passed through the state on Sunday, according to a… 105 more words


Owens Creek Falls, Mississippi

Waterfalls in Mississippi aren’t abundant, so when I heard about Owen Creek Falls, I wanted to find it. There was just one thing that almost deterred me from that objective…people seem to say access to the waterfall is unavailable. 554 more words


National Register 2016: Individual Listings

It’s a MissPres tradition to take the last week or so of the year and present lists of important preservation milestones that have occurred during the year. 1,542 more words

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