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My Mummy cook me 'fwied' noodle plis.

On the odd occasion my son will wake up on his Asian side and ask,  “My Mummy cook me fwied noodle plis”…  Do you notice the lack of plural?  188 more words

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Of course Nutella is a nut butter...

Scones are one of my favourite things to eat.  Plain scones with a massive dollop of freshly whipped cream and strawberry jam with real bits of strawberry.  148 more words

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I'll show you what to do with an egg and some leaves.

The star of my lunch today was my egg, crunchy on the outside and soft and runny on the inside – perfect enough to be the stylish dressing on my salad.  98 more words

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The perfect pair

I made muffins this morning for my son’s first day back at school after the easter break.  He will be missing all the cooking and eating at home, and I was feeling a little bit down for him because I remember what it felt like to not want to go to school.  117 more words

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PNG: 5 Day Blockade After Police Shooting

29 January: A five-day blockade that cut fuel supplies to Papua New Guinea’s capital, Port Moresby, and forced some power stations to close ended on 29 January. 184 more words

Afternoon snack.

First thing is first, grab your favourite recycled jar… whizz some frozen banana, protein powder and a bit of water with matcha green tea powder in a blender – or I have a magic bullet (which by the way has made 100’s of things convenient for me).  171 more words

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Gluten-free, sweat-free, guilt-free Coconut & Yoghurt Cake

Why I love this cake is not because it’s gluten-free, I love it because it’s dense and moist and is almost like a cheese cake but without the cream and sugar.  91 more words

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