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Powershell TCP Port Scan

I had a piece of code to check a TCP port on a given host, and decided I would build a quick port scanner out of it. 48 more words


Port scanner and banner grabber - Python

Port scanner and banner grabber:

ping scanner and port banners
    The software can perform:
    – Test ip-is-online
    – Checking whether the port is open at the IP-online… 702 more words


Simple Port Scanner Using java

Hi guys welcome to j2seblog .Today in this post i’m going to show you how to write a simple port scanner in java. By using java programming language we can easily create a simple port scanner with in 15 lines of code.for this  port scanner  we are using Socket class which is located in java.net package.The code for port scanner is shown below and i explain each part of the code… 318 more words