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port scanner : 40 network tools
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Hacking Tools

Python port scanner

Today, we are going to implement a simple port scanner implemented in python 3. The code is quite simple, and I think that it doesn’t need any explanation. 275 more words


How to Build a Kickass Port Scanner in Python - Part 1 - A Pinger

The purpose of this series is to illustrate how to build a comprehensive port scanner. Our first task is build one of the many functions that we’ll need to discover hosts: a pinger. 1,012 more words


Owasp PHP Port Scanner Project (O3P)


OWASP PHP Portscanner (OPPP or O3P) is basic TCP port scanner developed in PHP which runs in a browser window. The project demonstrates a simple proof of concept (PoC) as to how sockets can be utilized to scan and determine open ports. 107 more words


SCAPY part two - fixing our broken SYN scanner.

So, hopefully someone noticed the glaring logic error in the port scanning utility I posted in my last post on SCAPY, now I am going to show how to fix it. 142 more words

NSA's XKeyscore is a global dragnet for vulnerable systems

XKeyscore doesn’t just turn somebody’s internet life inside out. It’s also a bloodhound for sniffing out vulnerable systems.

A training slide on page 24 of the… 594 more words


Test Firewall Rules with Nmap

Nmap is an essential tool for any networking professional. It makes quick work of scanning your local network for available systems and services (text-based network mapping). 310 more words