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Mobile air conditioning without duct

Each classic mobile air conditioner there is the problem of withdrawal of the duct. The installation usually requires some engineering thought and skill. And not always has the ability to bring the pipe out the window or drill a hole in the wall. 108 more words

Air conditioner with one tube or two?

Deciding how to select and buy a portable air conditioner, certainly we will have to decide whether we want a model with one or two pipes. 164 more words

Air Conditioner

What is the cooling capacity of the air conditioner?

It is a question that should know the answer before you choose the air conditioner. Cooling power, usually assigned strictly volume of the room and stated on the label price, and measured in kW or BTU / h, defined as output device operating in cooling mode at full load. 130 more words

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Portable aircon - how it works?

More content can be with two-piece air conditioner – split – in which the evaporator is placed in a separate housing combined with other elements of the air conditioner thin tubes. 133 more words

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The air conditioner in the house. How to choose the air conditioner

The air conditioner until recently was considered a luxury. But now air in your home is encountered more frequently. Most are split air conditioners or portable. 464 more words

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Our electric heaters can't keep up, but we have an air conditioner!

The temperature outside is only barely below freezing, but the electric heaters in our townhouse are having a hard time keeping up (currently 2 degrees below the set temp, and falling).   828 more words


Best Mobile air conditioner |portable air conditioner

Best mobile Air conditioners are the most well known sort of ventilation systems. These air conditioner are as vast as window units, and are normally mounted on casters. 385 more words