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18 Oct : Remember… those Transistor days

Listening to music is an all together different experience today with the advent of iTunes. Today music is in our pocket but via our mobile phones. 96 more words


Huawei Mate 20 v Nintendo Switch: SHOCK claims could spell trouble for Nintendo portable

Huawei has made a shock claim about its new Mate 20 X smartphone.
Huawei unveiled the Mate 20 X during a recent conference attended by Express Online. 28 more words


Effective Ideas Seen During Occasional Teaching

Oct. 2018

Organized way for the supply teacher to know where to put all the forms that students hand in! 944 more words


Going the Extra Mile for Finding That Perfect Travel Coffee Mug

Whether you travel by car, train, bus, etc, your commute isn’t complete without a coffee mug to ensure your hot or cold coffee arrives with you at your destination ready to be enjoyed. 497 more words

Sports Equipment

Portable Blood Gas Analyzer

Point of care machine has become more realistic and required to support emergency department duties. Beside quick result and action can be taken, it is more cost effective on the operation and also time saving. 103 more words


Fan heater (blower)


– Cheap;

– Quickly heats up;

– It occupies a small area;

– Easily portable;

– Adjustable capability;

– Possibility to use only the cooling fan (on some fan heaters); 534 more words

#8: Roku Streaming Stick | Portable, Power-Packed Player with Voice Remote with TV Power and Volume

Powerful, Portable. Enhanced Voice Remote. The Roku Streaming Stick gives you smooth streaming with channels that launch in a snap. Easily hide it behind your TV or move it around the house, you can even take it to a friend’s. 38 more words