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Miska, The Girl Who'd Be A Sailor

Miska is a character who’s shown up in several of my drafts of various stories in the Elven Progenitors universe for a while now.  She started off as a secondary character in the backstory of another secondary character, but quickly took on a life of her own in my imagination.   1,094 more words


Railway sleeping car porters

Railway sleeping cars were introduced to Canada in the 1870s by the Pullman Palace Car Company. Pullman built and operated luxury passenger rail cars equipped with seating areas that converted into bunk beds; the seats were converted into the lower berth and the upper berth was pulled down from the ceiling. 553 more words

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Coconut Porter to Inebriate a Virus? Don't Mind If I Do!

Is it “Feed a cold and starve a fever? Or the other way around?

A study by the Japanese beverage behemoth Sapporo suggests that inebriating the virus could help. 282 more words

Food And Drink

Liane Carroll: A Sentimental Journey

If there is one ticket that represents exceptional value for money at the Glasgow Jazz Festival then it is surely the one-man show by Liane Carroll on the festival’s opening night, on Wednesday. 1,178 more words


It’s All Too Beautiful (The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu)

Let’s start with a short (and probably not entirely accurate) history lesson. The Incan Empire spanned present-day Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and parts of Chile and Argentina. 1,998 more words

Kinnegar Yannaroddy Coconut Porter

This stout just won 3rd place in ‘Stouts & Porters’ at the Kilarney Beer Festival and it is is a complex, full bodied tasty porter. It is listed that coconut would make an appearance but to no avail so don’t expect this – do expect a great porter, rich in roasted malts, even the hops get their own style of roasted goodness here. 17 more words


My Kilimanjaro Diary (Day 4 - 6) - The Lemosho Route 2015

Day 4 Shira Hut (3810M) to Barranco Camp (3900M)

This time last week, I was sipping parsley tea in London. That’s right, parsley tea. Dregs of the disgusting herb floating in my uni mug. 922 more words