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Manners, feelings, black moods & black runs (Jan-March 2018)

Manners, feelings Black moods and Black runs Jan-March 2018

I thought I’d go up to the Nyon plateau get my thoughts together or at least try to retrace them and the steps of the last few months. 4,804 more words


A day in the life.

6:45am – The hardest part of my day. I’m shocked awake in disbelief that it’s already morning. It’s a fumbled grab in the dark for my phone as it begins its chiming duet with my roommate’s. 1,630 more words

Els X

The Best of the Alps

By Linda Tancs

The Portes du Soleil is regarded as the largest international ski area in Europe, spanning both France and Switzerland. Some consider the region to encompass the best of the Alps, from picturesque hamlets to bustling resorts. 92 more words


Winter season in Portes du Soleil

During 2017 winter season in Portes du Soleil we:

Learned a lot – to ski again, to snowboard better, the portes du soleil piste map… 929 more words


Ski pass promotions

There are a few promotions around from different ski areas at the moment, all of them trying to get you to commit to buying season passes in their region. 805 more words

Dave Burrows Ski Instructor

The amateur psychology post

In skiing and in other sport down the years, I’ve always been interested in gaining a performance advantage, however marginal. This could be in making sure that my equipment is the best it could be and well looked after, making sure I’m fit and flexible but the one I have been most interested in up to now (and had never really taken that seriously) was the mental side of sport. 907 more words


Swiss Snowsports International Equivalence Course - part 1

Since I successfully converted over from the British Skiing members organisation (BASI) to the Swiss Snowsports system, a lot of people have people have asked me about the process and the content of the practical conversion course that you have to pass. 520 more words