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This Is Why We Do Portfolios

I often think of portfolios as being for me. Technically, I suppose, they’re for the threat of the state, but honestly, I taught in schools that used portfolio assessments and I came to believe in them strongly, which is why I would do them even if I wasn’t supposed to keep records of our education (which, by the way, are never checked). 314 more words


The Honesty Gap; The Illusion of Measuring Proficiency

One of the great gifts of standardized testing was the premise of giving the same questions to many students would allow for a more reliable measure of student achievement. 1,108 more words


Spring Break Reflections & Looking Ahead to SLCs


Spring Break Reflections & Looking Ahead to SLCs

I’m taking a morning to upload just a few of the hundreds of photos documenting recent projects and lessons in grades 6-9.   408 more words

Deeper Learning For Students And Teachers

Standardized tests and report cards are old school

“Let’s be clear. There is not one way to measure learning. As Rog Lucido pointed out here a while ago, student learning can only be described, not truly measured.”-Anthony Cody… 274 more words

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Data Collection Ideas for the Interculturalists' Community


In a previous post I explored the various ways data has been collected in other educational design research (EDR) projects. In this post I’ll throw out some ideas about how I can collect data for my own EDR project. 533 more words

Interculturalists' Community

My Updated Drama Assessment Framework... And the role of the iPad in it?

I have written previously about my MYP Drama Assessment Framework, and how I worked hard at creating and developing it. In my opinion, the IB-MYP Arts Assessment Criteria leave a lot of room for teachers to be creative and innovative with how they assess student learning, but also provide a solid structure for assessment. 1,163 more words


Using KWH strategy on Learning Portfolio Assessments with the PreService Teachers

Putting into contexts everything before introducing a new topic on assessing students’ learning, the session started with the purposes of assessments. A discussion on traditional and non-traditional assessments was also provided. 1,084 more words