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Teaching Personal Finance in School

A dyed red-haired rapper criticizes the public education system in a viral YouTube video, “Don’t Stay in School“.  Looking back at my education, I remember learning the capitals of the states for no apparent reason.   1,090 more words


Lost in Translation: Instead The Power of Talking Benefits

Have you noticed that sometimes consultants (and other IT colleagues such as sales reps) appear to have communication with clients that just seems to “miss”? Sometimes it even appears that they are speaking different languages. 520 more words


Demystifying Project Portfolio Management - To Make a Real Difference!

I recently came across one of those YouTube-type videos that truly moves you and potentially changes your life. (I don’t say this lightly – particularly for potentially “dry” topics like PMOs and project portfolio management!) 426 more words


The Sharpe Ratio: Measuring Weight with a Ruler

Co-Author: Ahmed Bakhaty

In this post, we will explore one of the most widely (mis)used performance metrics in quantitative finance and why it fails to achieve what it was designed to do. 987 more words


Financial Options for Paying for Retirement

So perhaps you’ve been saving and investing for years, and now retirement is in your sights.  The question now is, “How do I use the money in my retirement accounts and other savings to pay for things in retirement?”  Today I thought I’d discuss some considerations and ideas. 1,466 more words


Some thoughts on averaging down & averaging up

John Hempton has a very interesting post on when to average down into a stock.

As a summary, one should not average down into a stock if… 1,460 more words

Anlage Philosophie

reading a financial newspaper

Early on in my investing career, I came to realize that it’s better to read financial newspapers by starting on the back page and working toward the front. 179 more words

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