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return potential for US stocks

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal contains a summary of projections by Goldman equity strategist, David Kostin, for US stock market returns this year and beyond.

His view is that stocks will be flat over the coming 12 months–investors will collect dividends but no capital gains.   377 more words

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Tool vendors - here's my feature requests to support #KanbanESP

In the link below you’ll find my requirements for Enterprise Service Planning tooling. I’m hoping vendors will start to build these features into their tools.

Letter to Vendors




Observations on the Science and Art of Investing

Warren Buffett once said:

You want to be greedy when others are fearful. You want to be fearful when others are greedy. It’s that simple.

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Use Time to Reduce Your Risk

In Risk Allows You to Make Money in the Stock Market, I talked about how taking risks is what allows you to make more money investing in stocks than you could earn from a bank account.  1,131 more words


Looking at Retail Stocks

My wife is looking to invest some money in her account, so I pulled out my watch list of stocks.  I normally keep a list of stocks that meet my criteria as good, long-term investments handy for just such a time as this.   794 more words


Why Not 100% Equities?

What is the best portfolio for a university endowment (i.e., a portfolio with a really long time horizon)? In 1994 Thaler and Williamson argued that a portfolio composed of 100% equities was a better investment than a 60% equities and 40% bonds (60/40) investment strategy because of the higher long-term rate of return.1 358 more words

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the Supreme Court and 401k plans

On Monday, the Supreme Court made a narrow ruling on a technical point that may have far-reaching implications.

Participants in the 401k plan offered by Edison International, a California utility, sued the company claiming that it stocked the plan with “retail” versions of investment products that charge higher management fees than the lower-cost  “institutional” versions that it could have chosen instead. 351 more words