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the move to Europe

Increasing numbers of US-oriented equity investors are announcing that they’re shifting assets away from the US toward the EU.  Actually, while managers may phrase their statements as intentions, no one is going to reveal plans they have yet to carry out, so we should figure that the announcer have already done the lion’s share of their buying.   418 more words

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[Utilities] PMO Strategies & Capital Investment Governance Webinar

Excited to announce this upcoming utilities-focused webinar on March 12 (2:00-3:00 EST) with UMT and Frank LaRocca, Director of Business Improvement Services for ConEdison.

  • Learn from ConEd’s experiences and insights on building…
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Talking to Your Clients about 2014 Performance

For some of us, 2014 performance has been more difficult to explain to clients than 2008, and I understand why. U.S. Large Cap indexes, the ones our clients zero in on, have been up over 10% for the year, strongly outperforming a globally-diversified portfolio. 338 more words

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The Downside of Rankings-Based Strategies

This post will demonstrate a downside to rankings-based strategies, particularly when using data of a questionable quality (which, unless one pays multiple thousands of dollars per month for data, most likely is of questionable quality). 1,384 more words


3 Mistakes to Avoid

There are several common mistakes that many investors make when they view their investments.

  1. Comparing your investment results to the S&P 500.
    • This is the biggest error people make. 
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Macau casinos, February 25, 2015

Macau casino stocks in Hong Kong took a drubbing overnight, continuing weakness shown by US parents in Wall Street trading yesterday.  The US stocks are down again as I’m writing this. 485 more words


should brokers be fiduciaries?

…my answer is Yes.

In his recent spate of initiatives, President Obama is proposing that retail brokers be legally declared to be fiduciaries, the way investment advisers already are.   524 more words

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