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Robo Advice in Australia - are we failing to understand the business model?

The Australian market is small relative to the US which has a population more than 14 times that of Australia.  This is important when you consider the original business model of a robo-advisor to work out if it would work in Australia. 879 more words

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3 Types of Decisions

A Decision Breakdown Structure (DBS) is the decomposition of any strategy or design challenge into a hierarchy of decisions (questions that demand answers).  First time “framers” of a DBS often have difficulty in understanding that they have to use the decision pattern in a “rolling-wave” manner.  497 more words

Decision Concepts

The Effect of Interest Rates on Bonds

For the first time in many years the Federal Reserve is looking at raising interest rates.  They have already increased rates by a quarter of a point.   1,501 more words


How to Get into Investing with $3,000

Unless you own a business, the most likely way that you will become a multimillionaire in your lifetime is to invest a portion of your income into the stock market.   1,372 more words


Falling Back in Love with International Stocks

This blog is from the February issue of Portfolio Perspectives.

The international stock markets have underperformed U.S. stock markets for three straight years.1 China came out of the gate in 2016 like a lead balloon, causing other markets in Asia to decline as well. 789 more words

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dealing with high daily volatility

To state the obvious, we’re in a period of high daily volatility in the trading of stocks around the world.  What I find particularly striking is that we’ve had two days recently–January 20th and yesterday–where stocks in the US made dramatic intraday shifts in direction.   502 more words

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Mutual Fund Investing to Get Market Returns

Most people do not get market returns when investing in mutual funds, even though they own so many different stocks through those funds that they should be nearly matching the market.   1,149 more words