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Another difficult question is when to exit a position. The academic approach would be to sell whenever the share price reaches the intrinsic value calculated using the discounted cash flow method. 422 more words


more on gold

just to clear the air

I was interviewing a prominent tycoon in Hong Kong  in the mid-1980s when the topic turned to gold.  He told me that he had long since sold all the gold bars he had once used to store his wealth.   475 more words


Prospecting...A Start-Up Shop

Prospect Research has been on the cutting edge of assisting fundraisers and stakeholders with prospect development for over 20 years.  However, not every new or small organization has had the opportunity to implement the practice of prospect research. 2,504 more words


Welcome to The Sane Investor blog - website

The Sane Investor Blog – Website hopes to educate people on sound, prudent investing advice. It is for the novice, average and sophisticated investor.

Some of the pages and posts may seem “basic” for sophisticated investors, but is necessary for others. 38 more words


how one China-related ETF has fared

Yesterday I mentioned a Factset article about the trading behavior of China-related ETFs during the current market gyrations in Shanghai and Shenzhen.  It focuses on the  545 more words


Chinese stocks---and related ETFs

I got home late last night and flipped on the TV to watch baseball.  What came on first was Bloomberg TV, where reporters in London (?) and Hong Kong were exchanging near-hysterical comments about the declining Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. 238 more words


Some Prognostications On Government Bond Yields?

Gazing into the Future … Always Dangerous!

Given that government bond yields today are at historical lows, the opportunity for price appreciation is minimal. More likely, the collection of interest payments will provide most, if not all, of market returns. 997 more words