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Review: Manage your project portfolio

Johanna Rothman wrote the book Manage your portfolio Second edition – Increase your capacity – Finish more projects. A book for the more professional portfolio manager or as mentioned on the back of the book: Expert skill level. 844 more words

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Under behavioural portfolio theory an investor is ____ so may continue to hold some securities...

Because of a reluctance to realize loses an investor will hold some securities not because of their potential but strictly due to loss aversion.


Applying predictive analytics in investment management – how investment firms can get ahead

With the growth of computing power combined with the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and now quantum assisted machine learning a quiet revolution is occurring that is changing the way we invest and trade.   311 more words

Foreign markets are soaring

The US markets are reaching new highs daily and many investors are happy with the returns their portfolios have generated.  According to the Wall Street Journal the S&P 500 is up 13.9% year-to-date. 198 more words


Market Recap Friday, October 13, 2017

In Brief

  • U.S.: PPI ticking higher and inflation not dead; small business confidence peaking with D.C. risk; jobless claims still low
  • Eurozone: Another good month for Eurozone sentiment; structural reform tough, but Catalonia risk contained and a second wind for sentiment; Emmanuel Macron has challenged EU leaders to sort out reform of the bloc within a year…
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Lease Administration Guide: Recommended Programs, When to Use and What Comes After.

From my experience, most executives in charge of managing a company’s real estate portfolio are highly adept at communicating with departments across the organization for their direct responsibilities.  1,026 more words

Post 27: Every Rise has a Fall..

#WiseSurya says:

As a great saying

‘Whenever there is a rise in the stock market there has to be a fall..’

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