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Portfolio, program, and project management in simple terms

In today’s business world, it’s important to understand what project, program, and portfolio management is, because these are the methodologies that most organizations have implemented or are implementing to work more efficiently and effectively. 123 more words

Portfolio Management

Flip a Coin and Learn About Your Portfolio

This blog is from the August issue of Portfolio Perspectives.

Even if you don’t consider yourself much of a gambler, you probably can answer this question correctly: Are you likely to lose more money placing one $100 bet or 50 $2 bets? 665 more words

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The BrightWork New Release- It's Here!

This week, BrightWork announced the new release of their project and portfolio management solution for SharePoint. This new release delivers several capabilities to make project and portfolio management easier for their customers, headlined by the new task scheduling feature that allows users to apply simple schedules to a tasks list in SharePoint. 

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hedge funds and uncorrelated returns


One of the initial topics in my first investment course in graduate school was beta, a measure of the relationship ( generated from a regression analysis) between the price changes of an individual stock and those of the market.   478 more words

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August-October in mutual fund/ETF-land

 August has traditionally been a slow month in financial markets, for two reasons:

–Europe, including European factories and stock markets, pretty much closes up for the month and everyone goes on vacation… 571 more words

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Newsletter 11. We make our first sell and recycle the capital effectively

Our newsletter portfolio grows again (just a little).  We also sell CSL after its 2016 result was announced to the market resulting in the price hitting our sell trigger.  54 more words

Is This the Beginning of the End for Accelerated Examination?

Author: Amanda K. Murphy, Ph.D.
Editor: Stephanie M. Sanders

In its August 16th Notice identifying a number of updates to the accelerated examination (AE) program, the USPTO announced that it also plans to seek public input on whether it should continue to offer the AE program at all. 494 more words

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