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The Private Placement (Regulation D) Securities Exemption


What it is – How it works?

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA


Since the Securities Act of 1933 requires disclosure of all public offerings (other than the exemptions just described), it should make sense that any securities offering not offered to the public would also be exempt. 1,267 more words


The Power of Compounding

As I finish putting together information for this website, I intend to be a more regular updater of this blog.  For now, I would like point to this recently completed write up regarding a powerful concept know as compounding.   9 more words



Specialized tools used by traders to model, implement, and manage spread trading.

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Quote Stuffing

Sending large quantities of fictitious orders into the market to distract other algorithms.

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Painting the tape

A manipulative practice in which a trader continuously takes the best offer in the market in a particular instrument to drive the price up; then the trader sells a large quantity of the same instrument.

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Using fictitious order on one side of the market to manipulate algorithms to buy a real order on the other side of the market.

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Implementation Shortfall Algorithm

An algorithm that minimizes the trade-off between the market impact of immediately executing orders versus the risk of market drift if the order takes too long to execute.

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