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People want more flexible working

In the search for a better work-life balance some people are giving up their traditional jobs and building up a portfolio of part-time jobs instead. 214 more words


Urban Craft

Why a Blog called Urban Craft?

I am involved in a lot of activities that are in many ways similar to Bush Craft but are more Urban than Bush so a better collective term for all that I am doing is Urban Craft. 141 more words

My Environment

Portfolio working

Portfolio working can be rewarding, but only when the various elements of the portfolio are all compatible with each other:

  • There’s no point in marketing yourself as a SWOT team member if you have inflexible commitments to work around;
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Time Management


Portfolio Working

When I think of the word “Portfolio”; what comes to mind is a Model’s attaché holding their best  picture taking moments or an artist’s sketches/drawings.   360 more words

Does a portfolio career appeal to you?

Our last blog looked at what a portfolio career is, the components and why they are growing.


This blog shares the pros and cons of a portfolio career and some examples. 340 more words


Portfolio career nuts'n'bolts & inspiration

What’s with me and portfolio working? A couple of points, really:

First – I already work in a range of roles, and have a flexible lifestyle that allows me to help care for my young kids, the ability to back-up my freelance photographer wife when she needs time, and I can drive to the beach within 20 minutes when I need my own space and time. 284 more words

Making the portfolio work

Portfolio working can be attractive.  It can provide interesting and challenging work, focusing on your strengths and passions with variety to break the monotony of the day to day grind. 194 more words

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