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On Memorial Day, See New York's Beaches and Parks From Above

Memorial Day 2015 is upon us—and, with it, the unofficial start of the summer season. In New York City, thousands of people will crowd the five boroughs’ beaches and pools, putting behind them the long winter months and their freezing temperatures. 376 more words


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September 10, 2014 - Editorial: New policies inconvenience students but maintain safety

For the first editorial I’d ever written, I’d say this one came out pretty well. I love how I was able to incorporate a lot of wordplay into the article, and I think that the topic is relevant in that students don’t usually look at an issue like this with a viewpoint other than their own. 39 more words


March 15, 2013 - FBLA sets record for state qualifiers and awards

This was the first news article that I’d ever written during my time in Journalism. Although I now notice some slight grammatical errors, they only serve to highlight my the journey that has been my career as a newspaper staffer. 74 more words


Verhaal achter het verhaal: Kattencafé Kopjes

Tijdens mijn derde jaar wilde ik al een reportage schrijven over kattencafé Kopjes, maar toen was de eigenaresse enkel bezig met de voorbereidingen. Teleurgesteld ging ik op zoek naar een ander onderwerp. 415 more words