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masking tape : exhibition : yarn

In reflection to my drawing, I liked / enjoyed the concept of drawing with yarn. I felt as though it helped me to connect with the piece, more so over drawing as i’m actively glueing, placing and sticking. 746 more words


Life Update + Postcards from NAGA, BICOL

It has been a month since my last blog post and I realized that the previous posts are nothing but commercial blogging, for PR purposes, promotions, marketing, whatever they call it. 463 more words


Portfolio: Biz Cards for Twanine Nisha

Another fun marketing project I had the pleasure of working on recently. Pretty business cards for @twaninenisha.


How has my first Mutual fund investment performed?

Over the last week, I have been taking a closer look at some investments I have done in my early days as an investor and trying to see how they have worked out. 577 more words


Poetic Emersion

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Projects, Posters, Presentations and other thing that I hate that begin with P

Over the last few weeks since just before Halloween we have been working on our November Assessment

Our November Assessment is how we are graded for the Christmas Report because in TY we don’t Halloween exams.I obviously was not looking forward to this, and since it has arrived, it has been literal hell. 413 more words


Maddie's Graduation Portraits

Maddie, who spent the past several years studying engineering, was so great to work with. She’s the nicest person and so inspiring. I loved getting to know her during our session and hearing all about her team’s work to help Flint, Michigan’s drinking water crisis. 14 more words