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Improve your web traffic by getting rid of this dying website trend and doing these instead

Originally written for a client

You know the saying “less is more”? That literally can be applied to everything in life and by now we’ve all witnessed it in one way or another. 1,514 more words



Click below to download an infographic I created for a client

Occupational Asbestos Exposure Infographic


What Your Hands Are Trying to Tell You: Common Hand Ailments

This article was originally written for a client

Our hands might arguably be one of the hardest working and most vulnerable body parts, and boy do we put them through the ringer.  1,656 more words


How Your Bedroom Color Scheme is Affecting Your Mood

This piece was originally written for a client

When choosing wall paint and color schemes for rooms in their houses, most people go by the “ooh, that’s pretty” color selection process. 878 more words


A War on Two Fronts: Fighting for Victory at Home and Abroad

A War on Two Fronts is a multimedia and interactive physical and virtual exhibit and accompanying book on African-American soldiers of the 92nd and 93rd Divisions in WWII. 97 more words


You should only Dollar-Cost-Average for 12 months?

I was Googling one day about how effective dollar-cost averaging is on a general basis and I came across this very interesting article. Although written in 1997, I find it still relevant to today’s context. 218 more words