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JLP wins 2016 General Election!

There were no surprises last night with the close run between the two political parties, JLP and PNP last night.

The JLP just needed to secure at least 2 swing or marginal seats, which they did to become victorious and win the Election 33-30. 734 more words

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Election Time in Jamaica

Tomorrow¬†Jamaicans will vote for their next government. Will Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller’s PNP remain in power? Or will Andrew Holness finally get his first national political victory as leader of the JLP? 470 more words



It’s the beginning of the silly season in Jamaica. In reality, there seems to be #SillySeason year round as our government and opposition consistently do silly things, but the season takes on a special aura especially when elections are called. 799 more words

Point Of View

Donald Duck For President!!

Lets start out by saying that, I am a registered Republican and I make no apologies. However I am a bit confused because currently the republican race is almost resembling  a high end baboon show. 311 more words

A Few Tings

10 Things I learned while on vacation in Jamaica:

  1. The JLP leader is ghetto.
  2. The PNP leader is also ghetto..(ain’t gonna call no names)
  3. Ghetto people should not be in power…well..
  4. 414 more words


My Apostle has been doing some major teaching on kingdom. I realized that this has really allowed me to become more interested in government. I have zoomed in on Gods kingdom, and realized how this world is need of God government. 837 more words