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Tales Of Woe

The Telegraph has a few reader stories about their frustration toward lenders newer criteria since the Mortgage Market Review.

The common theme is that things like porting (keeping your rate when you move) have been made near impossible unless you are either in the same or a better position than you were before you took out the original loan. 34 more words

News Story

Following a spec: Research tips

Porting is not a process I’m familiar with and it shows. I’m working on an issue for filerjs, a JavaScript implementation of the POSIX filesystem standard, where I have to implement the… 397 more words

Open Source @ CDOT

Mighty No. 9 close to completion and set to release Spring 2015

Famed game creator Keiji Inafune reveals in a New Year’s video for the #MegaMan spiritual #successor — Mighty No. 9 — is nearly #finished and that he and his team are “working hard” to bring the game to fans. 208 more words

Linux Game News

Switching from PC to mac - a complete experience


Haven’t been here in quite some time to post anything, so getting a new device seems to be as good a reason as any to write a new article for my blog. 2,148 more words


An implementation of putchar()


putch() uses putchar() to print a fixed-length line from STDIN. Characters continue past MAXCARD elements if the line does not end before MAXLINE (MAXCARD + 1). 69 more words


An implementation of getchar()


Should I have named it something else? Technically, it uses getchar(). Anyway, the function uses a character buffer of size MAXLINE, which is MAXCARD + 1, and MAXCARD is the last index. 65 more words