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Orbital Mechanics on a Vintage Kaypro

These days, a good proxy for hacking prowess is getting Doom playable on the oldest piece of hardware imaginable. While we respect and applaud these efforts, perhaps the bar should be set a bit higher. 230 more words

Classic Hacks

3. Is there anyway I can keep my phone number when getting rid of my landline?

Is there anyway I can keep my phone number when getting rid of my landline?

Yes, but… first some questions.

Do you really want to? 284 more words

Cell Phone

How to know similar devices and operating systems to port to your phone

This post has been specifically made for future porters or enthusiasts in android development. Many popular rom developers have been recently signing out for personal reasons. 389 more words


1216cc part 4 - Back together we go ...

Now that the cams were put back into the bike, we set about measuring the cam opening and closing.

It did make me laugh that when I pointed out to Spike he was using a Cambridge Lambretta Workshop timing wheel, he sulked and reached for the correction fluid – I don’t think he’s as successful at trying to hide the true past of the wheel as he is tuning engines to be honest. 626 more words


1216cc part 3 - Shouldn't be too long now!

The cams are back having been refaced and magic waved at them by Kent cams. They were re-installed in the motor late last week. I popped in on Friday and as I left they were about to be dialled in. 266 more words


1216cc part 2 - moving along nicely

So things are moving along ….  valve train and new slugs back in place. Just waiting on the cams now. Then we can get it all dialled in. 290 more words


1216cc part 1 - it's started

Barrels are back with their shiny new 81mm bore – there is something about a fresh hone that makes me smile (obviously too many years riding two strokes I reckon!) 330 more words