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On Keeping Medicine Weird

On Keeping Medicine Weird

“Keep Austin Weird” is either a way of life or an effective way to market a city that desperately wants to let everyone know it is in Texas but not necessarily of Texas. 646 more words

Life Experience

Portland: Beers, Hikes & a whole lot of Greens!

Day 1

We arrived at PDX International Airport and none of us got a full nights rest. Maybe 1 or 2 hours at most. Our flights were scheduled to take off at 6:30 A.M. 5,396 more words


My freaking arms r gonna fall off! #HIIT & #ashtanga #yoga

My triceps were SO sore this morning. I’m not used to working on pull-ups, for one thing. Throwing in just a couple sets of those plus lifting heavy with the Bodyrock and I’m really feeling it. 353 more words


Shut Up and Eat

Name: Shut Up and Eat

City, State: Portland, OR

Type: Deli

đź“·: Diablo


Food: 50

Presentation: 50

Service: 50

Vibe: 50

Price: 50

__________… 45 more words


You Can Know Danger - At Dusk (2006)

I often wonder if I were in a band what would our music sound like? My band might have bits of Prince, Gary Numan… 504 more words


case/lang/veris - Neko Case, k.d. lang and Laura Veris (2016)

One of the treats of this summer seems to have come from out of the blue in the form of a low key supergroup. I’m usually a cautious skeptic of Supergroups (remember Zwan?) . 426 more words

Alternative Pop

#meditation and #tarot

Today’s reading was spot on. I sat after. That’s a good Order of Things. Now to get ready for some art!

Amazingly while it was 57 and completely overcast when we got up this morning, it’s now sunny & will eventually get to the mid 80s in the late afternoon and early evening. 76 more words