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I think I'm pretty well versed in groundlessness 

Some notes from: When Things Fall Apart, Pema Chodron.

Trying to get a lasting security* teaches us a lot, because if we never try to do it, we never noticed that it can’t be done. 107 more words


Portland Marathon 2016

I ran the Portland marathon for the first time two years ago and figured I could say I did it and check it off my bucket list.  280 more words


If you can sit without asana, you don't need the asana #meditation

Other forms of physical exercise are much more efficient and far less damaging to your joints!

I’m not exercising this week but I’m meditating daily, 22 minutes in the morning. 71 more words


#reps, legs, shoulder presses & plank holds, #yoga

Not bad for not being healthy! Gory details to follow later in Batcave.

Did the first 3 groups of exercises with a list & the two burnouts (hip thrusts & plank holds) with the video. 240 more words


Core #HIIT with #jumprope & #swings + #yoga

Decided to write my own jumprope & core “recovery routine” because only I can know how little I wanted to actually work and what muscle groups I wanted to avoid taxing. 273 more words


It'd have been nice to make it to the show I won free tickets to

I was quite happy to have won them and I was in a great mood last night, when I thought the show was. But after my beloved cat exhibiting a new symptom besides the bumpy, crusty, bald patch inducing rash he developed about a week ago – throwing up 19x within 24 hours isn’t nothing – and realizing that no, I cannot easily access¬†even the most basic kinds of healthcare for either Henry or myself… 418 more words


Spending my birthday at the Oregon Zoo

I had the brilliant idea that this year I would spend my birthday at the Oregon Zoo. Picking a week day after the Labor day holiday weekend turned out to be a fantastic idea. 78 more words