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The ’Mats owe us nothing

Wow. Watching all the shows for the Back By Unpopular Demand tour unfold—or rather EXPLODE—proves that truly, The Replacements owe us nothing.

It’s probably not a coincidence then that The ’Mats played I.O.U for their second encore at the Portland show. 211 more words

Die Within Your Reach

“Older, cleaner, still fun.”
“Self-destructive…unruly as ever.”
“Beautifully ramshackle.”

These are just some of the recent media headlines coming out of the ’Mats show in San Francisco. 85 more words

I'll try to find you...

Epic. It’s a word that gets tossed around a lot, to the point that it loses it’s meaning. But I think the use is appropriate here—in reference to the above clips from the April 10 Portland show. 110 more words

Who's Cooking on a Lang in Portland, OR?

Sacha Snyder and Dan Weidinger were interviewed by OPB for a series of articles about At Home: Conversations Inside Homes Across Oregon. 67 more words


Playin’ at the Talent Show

It took a good day to recover and post this little retrospective of The Replacements’ show at the Crystal on Friday. I hope you enjoy it… 442 more words

Decemberists Concert!


This week I had the pleasure of attending the Decemberists concert here in Philly. I had to do a little review for my writing class and wanted to share it with you. 279 more words


Throughout America: 20 Years of Personal Discovery – Chapt. 11

Chapt. 11 The Rose City Way of Life

An array of circumstances took me around the country after leaving Florida in 1996, but there are no regrets. 548 more words