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Portland Mandatory Energy Audits

Effective January 01st 2018, Portland home sellers will be required to complete a home energy scoring and assessment report prior to publicly listing their home for sale. 164 more words

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It's Hard to Keep Up

During the past twelve months, how many homes have you sold? Ten, twenty, fifty? How did you attract the buyers? Which marketing techniques were most effective? 194 more words

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Trade Up or Trade In?

If you’re ready to upgrade to a larger home, or need to relocate, you’re presented with a dilemma.  You can’t simply “trade in” like an automobile, so your choice is: 210 more words

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When the Fur Flies

We all know how stressful a move can be, but if pets are part of your family, there may be an added level of anxiety.  Many real estate agents have practical knowledge from working with families with pets, and experience has proven that there are some simple steps you can take to alleviate the stress on your four-footed friends. 169 more words

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It Takes Two To Harmonize

Whether you are buying a home or selling one, it is likely that once an Offer To Purchase is on the table, you’ll enter a phase of the transaction called Negotiation.  221 more words

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One Last Thing to Pack

Whether you buy or sell a home, you will face moving day.  It should be a happy occasion, and you can invite Uncle Sam to the party!  229 more words

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Three Possible Prices

There are many factors that affect how you’ll price your home when you’re ready to sell.  In spite of market conditions, interest rates, and so on, every transaction is unique.  196 more words

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