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Keep the Horse Before the Cart

While many buyers are aware that a mortgage pre-approval letter increases their buying confidence and power, most may not understand exactly why pre-approval is so important.  220 more words

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Inspection Misconception

Inspections are a part of most residential real estate transactions, but because they are so common, their role is often taken for granted or misunderstood.  There are some important points you should think about before ordering an inspection on a home you’ve offered to purchase. 211 more words

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Start Moving Yesterday

Let’s say you’ve just decided to list your home for sale. You know there’s a lot to plan, but when do you start preparing to move? 227 more words

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Avoid the Red Tag

Have you ever noticed clothing sales that advertise “seconds” at greatly reduced prices? The “second” quality merchandise may exhibit flaws like uneven seams and pulled stitches, and capitalizes on the slightly lower quality in exchange for a lower price. 201 more words

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Excuse Our Dust

Most homes need some fix-up and repairs to prepare them for buyers, but when should they be done?  Should an open house for agents be delayed until the house is in “model-home” condition? 203 more words

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Property Tax Deferral for Seniors and People with Disabilities

What is a property tax deferral?

The Oregon Legislature established programs that allow qualifying citizens to delay paying property taxes on their residences – including manufactured homes, houseboats, multi-family, and income-producing properties. 104 more words

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The Difference Between Selling and Dwelling

There is a special mindset associated with “staging” your home to sell in a soft market.  Staging refers simply to the act of improving your home’s appearance in order to appeal to the widest segment of potential buyers.  184 more words

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