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I love you Community... but

First Pierce, then Troy… now Shirley, and what an exit it was, how can a beloved caracter get such a crapy farewell. I understand Chevy getting written out abruptly, but a 2 minute feature of thin Shirley. 135 more words


Kale And Quinoa Bowl With Tofu And Mushrooms. New Music From Sleater-Kinney.

If you love the show Portlandia then you’ll be crazy about the new Portlandia cookbook. It’s funny, creative, and highly entertaining. But, most importantly, it’s packed with easy to follow recipes that celebrate the cutting edge food culture of Portland, Oregon. 424 more words

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So, you’re a feminist

What’s the deal with so-called male feminists? You know who I’m talking about. Men who say they support women, call for equal pay and wear Pro-Choice tees and then get caught for sexual harassment. 258 more words


Eat, Drink, and Be Funky: Two Days in Portland

Today is a groundbreaking day on the blog. I’ve hyped it up for years, setting it as a golden standard for the eclectic city. I’ve watched hours of TV to peek into the unique lifestyle. 931 more words

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ICYMI: Venti Half-Caf Over Ice With A Shot Of Diversity

Not sure if that order even makes sense, but I do know what makes not a lot of sense is Starbucks’ recent campaign for diversity. 1,385 more words

#34 - Beers of Portland and Oregon

This week, local beverage consultant and bar manager, Nick Keane, lends his expertise to chat with me about Oregon beer.

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