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Photo of the Day: Portlandia

Portlandia strikes an imposing form over SW 5th Ave. in Downtown Portland. The statue is the second-largest copper relief status in the U.S. after the New York’s Statue of Liberty. 87 more words


Until recently, I was a member of the uninitiated. I knew Carrie Brownstein only from her excellent work on the IFC show  PortlandiaSo when I found this book placed on my desk, I was intrigued. 339 more words

Carrie Brownstein

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We get sucked in so bad!

It’s true. From one screen to another. We start from our phone. Perhaps that’s the first thing you do before you say good morning to anyone or even say your prayers. 506 more words

Interviewing Absurdly Famous People and their Conceited Belief

Pretty silly couple of weeks I have to say.

Interview some pretty big names at Tone Deaf which I found incredibly daunting. Transcribing back the interviews I cringed at all the minuscule moments I seemed like an unprepared child in front of a world renowned music star.  199 more words


Comparison Addicts: The Truth about Social Media

“I’ve seen 500 photos from Coachella and not one of them involves music.”

Jamie Tworkoski tweeted out this observation over the weekend and it really got me thinking. 1,329 more words


Blessed are you, pilgrim

All of us stand in a line under the eaves of this outdoor pavilion—some wearing backpacks, others excited expressions—anticipating our imminent departure on pilgrimage.

We face a row of smiling pilgrims holding laminated sheets of paper. 268 more words