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'Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein Talks Favorite Characters, Sketches Post-Series Plans - The Contenders Emmys

Following eight seasons of IFC’s Portlandia, creator, writer, EP, director and actor Carrie Brownstein was quick to cite some favorite characters she and co-star Fred Armisen portrayed over the years. 242 more words

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Rockin' sammiches...Portlandia--

MMM!  We are strolling through the ‘Chinatown’ section of Portland, Oregon…it is run down and most of the Chinese restaurants have moved out–they can now be found down on 82nd Avenue in southwest Portland. 243 more words


Killer Burger...Portland, OR--

So we are wandering around town out here in Portland, Oregon, and we are hungry for a burger. . .a dude at the Portland Outdoor Shop recommends that we dive into a place called Killer Burger right smack dab in the heart of ‘downtown’. 294 more words


Good hangout...Portlandia--

JAAA!!  Smack dab in the center of ‘Old Town’ Portland, Oregon is Dan & Louis’s Oyster Bar, and we are better people now for having found this place….mmmm, aaaahh!! 190 more words


#1 Vietnamese...Portland, OR--

POW!  Here we are gobbling–and I mean really GOBBLING–the tastiest Vietnamese soups in all of Portland, Oregon. . .in fact, I do believe that these are the most delicious and authentic bowls of pho and bun bo hue in all of the U.S. 228 more words


Deli action...Portlandia--

MMM!  We love pastrami and snappy hot dogs and sauerkraut and cheese and pickles and fresh-baked buns. . .so why not put them all together and call it a ‘Reuben Dog’?   209 more words


Bar in a basement--

BAM!  Hangin’ out in Portland, Oregon involves lots of beverages in lots of bars. . .this place called Pepe le Moko is one of the most interesting drinking spots so let’s check it out. 358 more words