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"Loco" Cyclists, and Other "Crazy" Japanesisms

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Today I was scanning some cycling blogs, wondering how the throngs celebrating Golden Week were coping with the extreme weather, and I came across a term I hadn’t seen before: ロコサイクリスト ( 130 more words


Japanese cycling jargon ②(サイクリングの専門語②)

Recently I came across a cycling-related word which I didn’t initially understand:

バイコレーター (baikoreetaa)

Once I looked it up, I realized that I actually have experience with this thing, but I just didn’t know its proper title.  188 more words

Cycling Jargon (サイクリング専門語)

Portmanteaux: Mixed Up Muddled Up Shook Up Words

I love a good portmanteau word. (“What’s that?” I hear the non-French-speaking, linguistically-disinterested cry. It’s the blending of two distinct sounds and their meanings to make a new word – like the word… 802 more words

"Most kids want to immolate their role model."

Would mentioning Lance Armstrong in this context be a cheap shot?

I don’t think it’s a typo we’re dealing with here. It may be viewed as a kind of… 261 more words

Student Writing

do unto others...

Lewis Carroll’s invention of portmanteau words in the 1870’s is coming full circle, again.  Recently, the ongoing theme of group & collective have been the topic of many posts on CUPtopia.   331 more words

Sarah Palin's struggle with English

Have a read of this article that takes Sarah Palin’s struggle with English and goes on to discuss portmanteau words and malapropisms.

Sarah Palin’s ongoing struggle with the English language entered a new phase this week, when she called on her Twitter followers to “refudiate” the proposal to build a mosque on the site of the World Trade Center.

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