“Hi Dad. It’s Katie.”

“Katie who?”

“Your daughter.”

“Oh, Rita’s friend,” Dad says, “When are you coming over next?”

“In two weeks. For Thanksgiving,” I reply. 163 more words

If I Had My Way

“I missed you,” I say to my parents, kissing them hello.

My sister was visiting from Japan for the month of August, so I took the opportunity to take a break from my responsibilities as caregiver and focus on my family with Lynn. 886 more words

The Last Stand

“Has it been three years since Lorraine?” asks one man to another at table 9.

“Three years in November,” he replies, “Three long years.”

Dad and I are at his 65th high school reunion at the UVic University Club. 382 more words

Scottish Reform

“We r having a Scottish dance on Friday night. Please will u & Dad come!?”

reads a text from Mum.

Friday night at the Brentwood Bay Senior Centre, it’s a big night out, especially for Dad. 428 more words

Disaster has struck!

“Disaster has struck!” says Mum in all her British-accented glory when I answer the phone.

Dad wants to call the police because he thinks Nicol is stealing the silverware. 889 more words

Maple Syrple, A Cold War

Still floating from my honeymoon, I come home to an urgent message from Dad’s tax accountant and a carbon copy of an email exchange between Nicol and Mum. 299 more words


“What’s exciting?” asks Dad.

On February 8th, Lynn and I are getting married. We’ve been together for seven years and have decided not to wait any longer. 536 more words