Connection vs. Identity

As we are getting into our fourth novel of the semester, I am starting to notice a recurring theme (or pair of themes) throughout each work. 359 more words

Sound in The Portrait of the Artist

In class we have discussed quite often the importance of sense impressions and how they influence our experience with any given novel, and I think that Joyce in particular is a prime example of of this.  307 more words

Ready for the Moment

Today, another image of Justin Miller during his back stage transformation into Pearle Harbour. This image does not capture a pose; Justin was applying a spray-on fixative to set his complex make-up. 22 more words

Black & White


This past Friday evening I photographed actor Justin Miller’s transformation into his character Pearle Harbour. Along with the digital images, I shot a roll of Tri-X at EI 800 on my Bessa R rangefinder, with my late 50’s-era Canon Serenar 50mm/1.8 lens. 20 more words

Black & White

The Face of Comedy

I had a fun time shooting Kat Letwin and other performers last evening at Kat’s Solo Combo comedy show at Comedy Bar here in Toronto. A challenging shoot due to low lighting, but I am happy with a lot of the images. 16 more words

Black & White

Self Portrait V

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Self Portrait V

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In the Frame - Portrait of the Artist: Public Engagement Programme



Tuesday, 16th December

I visited the ‘In the Frame – Portrait of the Artist’ at Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery. The exhibition consisted of many renaissance and classical portraits, arranged on the walls much the same as how they would be displayed in old heritage buildings. 488 more words