Whitney's Modernism Evolution

I thought for this blog post, I would share my feelings and comments for all of the books we read in this course.

Melanctha – This was my first taste of Modernism and I was completely confused by this book.   758 more words


You are a solo artist or the face of your band. The music is complete and the record company asks for your thoughts on the cover of the album. 174 more words


Overall Impressions

Finally, the last blog!

Instead of analyzing something totally random again, I thought I would talk about which novels I enjoyed reading in this class and why. 366 more words


Every novel we have read in this class has contained a character, mostly female, that suffers from some sort of illness.  In Melancthe, we learn that Melancthe took care of her mom until she died.  310 more words

A slurry of scraps and symbols

We drink the blood of Christ from plastic cups and it turns our tongues red, seals us in our symbols and the art of make believe that is faith, belief without proof. 689 more words


Connection vs. Identity

As we are getting into our fourth novel of the semester, I am starting to notice a recurring theme (or pair of themes) throughout each work. 359 more words

Sound in The Portrait of the Artist

In class we have discussed quite often the importance of sense impressions and how they influence our experience with any given novel, and I think that Joyce in particular is a prime example of of this.  307 more words