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Earlier this week myself and another photographer had a photoshoot with a cheerful and talented teacher and musician named Amy. I used three different cameras, so I will do three different blog posts. 25 more words

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Adam & Eve, according to James Joyce

I’m just reading for the first time, that masterpiece of James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.  In Section III, I recently came upon this curious version of the Garden of Eden story.  283 more words

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Portrait of Artist: Brent Morris

It struck me in a moment of after-the-fact obviousness that my images of Brent needed to be in my Portrait of the Artist series. As a podcaster and video game designer, Brent has a lot of creative depth, and as I work more with the vintage Petzval lens for portrait work, to my eyes it is a great lens for capturing the depth of a person’s character, and Brent does have a lot of depth and character! 13 more words

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