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Portrait Opposite the Newark Gateway

He called me over to take his picture but was surprised when I agreed to. We shook hands and introduced ourselves (but he asked me not to use his real name) and he told me he was homeless. 33 more words


After Dinner

The Carnegie Deli reopened not too long ago and we joined friends for dinner there. Of course, it’s become quite a tourist destination in the last few decades so when we left we were joined by this woman in the red headscarf, offering us the opportunity to be photographed with a genuine New Yorker (and make a contribution). 7 more words



I wanted to try actual solarization but ended up doing it the lazy way and doing it on photoshop. Here is photo I took of my boyfriend Nolan. 23 more words

SpriNG has Sprung

Margaret checks me out warily as I photograph her on our outing. 6 more words


Raw Processing Software Options

I am looking at software at the moment.

For a while I was working with Linux. I really loved the operating systems, I have used a few of them from Ubuntu, to Mint, to Crunchbang, but good RAW processing software is hard to come by on that side of the PC fence. 443 more words



I met this lovely young lady named Dakota, along with her younger brother back in October 2010. Recently, her mother came into the photo-lab, and told me the very sad news that she had passed away last September, after a long battle with Leukemia. 235 more words