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Boxed In

This one’s not such a great photograph technically, but it’s always been one of my favorites: my daughter crawling through a school street fair fun-house created out of decorated cardboard boxes. 8 more words


Impressionist Portrait

Hopefully the last of these archival ramblings. Image taken through a mottled shower door of one of my sons with, evidently, lots of color noise and other types of artifacting from poor photoshopping of the original jpeg. 22 more words


Seriously, Dad?

I took a lot of pictures of my daughter when she was young and she invariably gave me the are-you-seriously-taking-my-picture-now? look 8 more words


Self Portrait

Here’s me with my first digital camera, a Kodak 2MP point and shoot with about a 3x zoom that cost about $700 in 1999 dollars. Since I was shooting jpegs and they weren’t very good, I played around in Photoshop using artistic filters to see what I could get. 12 more words


Love to be Held

Girls are like telephones, they love to be held and talked to, but if you push the wrong button, you get disconnected.