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Mazie of the Bowery

Mazie of the Bowery, © by Todd Webb. From Webb retrospective exhibition at Museum of the City of New York. Link below.


Todd Webb is not a familiar name to me. 200 more words

looking out the window on 신불사

i wrote this some time ago while staying in the village Daesa-nim built, which is called 신불사 Shinbulsa. It was March & cold in the mountain. 257 more words


Earth Day and the March for Science: WPC

I admit I didn’t march in the Women’s March. I had a lot of homework and I’m not particularly fond of crowds or being up at 7 am on a freezing winter weekend. 240 more words


Capturing The First Year {Four Months}

Chances are you’re in a pretty steady routine with your four month old and apart from perhaps a sneaky sleep regression, you’re feeling a little more human again as the parent! 525 more words


The Intrinsic Presence Of The Women Watching Over Russia’s Treasures

Photographer Andy Freeberg is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography. These images are from his book ‘Guardians‘. To see Andy’s body of work click on any image.

35 more words
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