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Capturing Love at Christmas

Christmas Eve in Edinburgh… For many of you, your first thoughts are probably grey, cold, windy, dark, and maybe wet. Am I right? Well, don’t let stereotypes deceive you… 392 more words

Client Stories

Aimee & Keith Maternity

I loved doing this maternity session.  This is my dear friend Aimee.  We grew up together.  I remember we went to the beach together when we were teenagers for the first time without our parents on what I would consider my first real trip of independence. 63 more words

Central Florida Photographer

Winter Wonderland London

This was my first time going to a Winter Wonderland, what a place. Lights everywhere, a bokeh heaven. I did get stopped by security when entering for having, and I quote, “Camera gear that looked too professional”, yeah okay, what about the other 3 people that have literally just walked past also with DSLRs around their neck while you’ve been watching me disassemble my gear into my bag. 36 more words


My little nephew is so adorable.  Just look at those gorgeous eyes!  One thing I love about photographing kids, they don’t have any insecurities.  They are just who they are, not worrying about how they look or how they want to look to others.   30 more words

Ocala Photographer

Pictures of You: Importance of Self Portraits

a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist.

“Roll your shoulders back. Lift your chin just a tad bit. Tilt your head a little. 310 more words




Shoot 2, “Concepts”

idea: projection