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| eighteen // fifty-two |

Because it’s getting harder and harder to wrangle this little one, it’s like trying to hold onto 100 bunnies in a pillowcase! Each day unlocks new quirks and new adventures. 239 more words

| seventeen // fifty-two |

Because today the sun peaked out from behind a dark cloud and we took 1000 trips down the slide. I am a third of the way through our weekly portrait series and seeing the growth and development in Harper has left me a little misty. 151 more words

| fifteen // fifty-two |

Because having friends with cameras are great, especially on really tough weekends when you can’t take any pictures of your own. This weekend someone flexed her toddler muscles and we had one of those weekends when you feel like you have nothing figured out and you just want to curl into bed and sleep for a week. 192 more words

| fourteen // fifty-two |

Because this week I am letting her art tell her story. This past week this girl’s love of coloring has only grown more intense. Every morning, the first thing she does is go to her cabinet and pull down her spiral-bound sketchbook and ask to draw. 207 more words

On The Couch

with Sasha

What was your last dream about?
I dreamed that I was the understudy for Aaron Burr in Hamilton and I had to perform that night. 166 more words

Nati Art Photography

| thirteen // fifty-two |

Because today was warm, the park was beautiful, and we got to spend the afternoon with some beautiful ladies taking magical photos. Harper, who usually suffers from some stranger-danger, immediately opened up to this group of women…up until mom was pulled away which did not sit well. 179 more words