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I have this sister

…in fact, I have two.

But today I want to talk about my sister that is closest in age to me.

She is one year younger and we have always been different in so many ways. 567 more words

Portrait Series

A Little Red-Headed Fairy

I started writing and then I just decided to share the pictures. Sometimes there’s no need for many words. This fiery little redheaded fairy says enough for the both of us here. 26 more words

Portrait Series

Chaos and Crowns

I saw a friend write something today (on facebook) that made me think for a moment. He asked, Is the world going to shit? All these bad things happening, all these innocent people getting hurt, all this crime and sadness and abuse and misgivings. 590 more words


Portrait 25/52

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns;
I am grateful that thorns have roses.”
-Alphonse Karr, A Tour Round My Garden

Photo above taken by my babies’ (PLURAL!) daddy, Jake. 538 more words

Portrait Series

On The Couch

with Gene

What was your last dream about?
Don’t remember most dreams unless I wake in the middle of one. But the last dream that I can recall, I was driving somewhere (don’t remember location except that it was in very high mountains) and I drove off the edge of the road and just like in the Roadrunner cartoons I didn’t start to drop until I realized that I was in mid air. 144 more words

Nati Art Photography

Portrait 24/52

“I may not always be with you
But when we’re far apart
Remember you will be with me
Right inside my heart.”

-Marc Wambalt, Poems from the Heart

Portrait Series

Portraits 22&23

Doubling up on Isla goodness for the week. Also we’ve been so busy living I’ve hardly been taking photos lately! I’ll have to remedy that so I have more to share here. 297 more words

Portrait Series