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| three // fifty-two |

The windows in our bedroom face West, and when the sun finally comes out to play we get the most dreamy light filling our room. This is our typical selfie spot, me in my cream band tee and Harper in her post-lunch nakedness. 75 more words

| two // fifty-two |

Our first snow day was a success!! This was really Harper’s first time experience a real snow fall and I was so excited to take her out. 134 more words

| one // fifty-two |

Just tonight I looked to my husband and said I can’t remember a time with out her but I also feel like she growing at warp speed. 129 more words

Portrait Series: Spider Man "Negative Dimension"

:D REBIRTH!!!https://frozenropephotography.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/01-05-flava-in-ya-ear.mp3Shot on location in Manta, Ecuador

This was an improv shot while walking with friends along the beach in Manta.  I dub this shot “Spiderman Negative Dimension” The Spiderman behind me is made entirely out of paper mache and is one of the many hundreds if not many thousands of character creations to be burned at midnight every New Year’s Eve to signify the end of bad spirits and/or negative moments of the past year ushering in a New Year.  39 more words

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