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So That I Could Dream | MLK, Jr. Day

I don’t have many heroes… people that I look up to in history, although quite a few are deserving. Perhaps, I may be a bit cynical, but I generally see everyone on the same plane. 145 more words


Getting the Hurt Leg Fixed, Chapter Four

Hurt Leg chapters from the past:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Time passes, and the hurt leg saga continues. I drew these little pictures of my husband as he sat in an armchair, watching a…

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By Train

I took the train to Glasgow recently and was out of sorts with the whole day’s experiences, don’t ask me why! Though I took some photos both on the train and while I was there, somehow I didn’t feel in a jolly mood. 112 more words


I Have A Dream

30 years ago today, I drew my first portrait. I know the exact date because it’s written in large, tidy letters, on that lined manilla paper you use to practice writing in elementary school. 922 more words


No Gas...Faces in the Crowd

In Mexico City on Sunday morning, I found myself in the midst of an Alternativa Democrática Nacional march to peacefully protest the recent gas price increases (more than 15% increase). 13 more words