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July 21, 2019(2)

She says she doesn’t like to visit because it is gloomy here.

I said, I know, I live here.

I said, it’s always been gloomy the years you were coming but that didn’t stop you. 57 more words


Who am I-I am who

I used to bound joyously over the pages of the ancient 1990’s internet, discovering this and that, delighting in what I found, where I meandered. 109 more words


July 21, 2019

Sometimes in here you feel rage or you feel outrage. It makes you feel alive. More often you just feel despair. Most often though, you don’t feel anything at all. 18 more words


Beauty, and something more

Whether photographed or drawn, or both things at once, in any possible colour, true beauty always shines, doesn’t it?

No unauthorised copying or redistribution. All Rights Reserved.


My first celebrity boudoir session!

So, like a lot of photographers, I get some pretty crazy ideas. What I am sharing is NO different but I learned alot from doing these! 338 more words

Rainbows, Clouds, & Sunshine

Haven’t done a semi-realistic painting in a while and this one (along with a few others) have been in my WIP folder for a long time. 13 more words