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Marilyn Monroe in Ink and Watercolor #2

Hello Friends!

This morning i decided to paint Marilyn Monroe again. I drew her lightly in pencil first last night. Then I decided to paint her in watercolor and added India ink to her features. 102 more words

Art Talk

Devils Night

Devil’s Night, the name of the night before Halloween, refers to the vandalism and arson of abandoned property during the time before and after Halloween. 51 more words


Exercise 3.4 - Post-photojournalism

This exercise presents a more detailed consideration of the work of Luc Delahaye.

See also https://kevinvjamesphotography4.wordpress.com/2020/10/28/the-work-of-luc-delahaye/ .

It is often my feeling that the reference material suggested by OCA is distinctly out of date, much of it over ten years old. 676 more words


Bald Eagle

Bird of pray Lives near large bodies of open water with abundant food supply and old growth trees for nesting.