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Portrait of Katrina

I met Katarina at the tennis center where her daughter was participating in a summer tennis program. I was fascinated with the pregnant Katarina who worked for the International Olympic Committee and prepared opening ceremonies for the  Olympic Games, Pan American Games and other ceremonies worldwide. 108 more words


July 25, 2017 | 6:30 PM | Nude Party | Photographer : Jane Tracy Artajo

Eighteen Roses

Note: I’ll upload more photos soon. Especially the Eighteen Shots, thanks!. 104 more words

Solitude in Black and White

Something kind of quiet for today. This is a portrait of Hubble rendered in black and white. He has made himself look very small here, something he does when he is not sure of himself, especially after he has been scolded. 67 more words


recent installation by houseofodwyer.com for vfd n16 7xb

queer portraits bi the curious house of o’dwyer

thanks for coming



"The Portal" Concept

Had some fun with this image from Thomas & Carolines wedding! Shot this around 7pm after getting the newly married couple out of their reception! Their both avid fantasy gamers and chose a bit of a theme for the wedding. 21 more words

Cory Rossiter

a cooler time

Are the mountains hidden
Has the snowstorm passed
Do the dogs need out
Is the lake iced over
Is the wood in
Chopped and piled… 29 more words