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#669 Woman in Mask

My tribute to all those out there working in fields dealing with the corona virus.


Park Life Drawing #2

Drawing costumed models in outdoor settings is on!

This is our second event and I am excited to be presenting talented musician and yogini, Kate Barzdo as our model. 184 more words

Lasers and Drawing

Early in the Spring semester I began experimenting with a laser cutter for both printmaking and drawing. My colleague, Jiwon Kim, showed me how to use the tool. 272 more words


Photo Excursion Portraits

Out of all sections for my photo excursion, portraits was my most favorite. I loved interacting with people and seeing their personalities come out when I took their pictures. 162 more words



Sorrow poured on sorrow and anger overflowing it all. What dark and challenging times! So I want to share the recent death of a homeless friend of mine, striking the note of what value her life was to those of us who knew her. 287 more words

#668 Women with a Bob

A #2 pencil quick drawing of a woman with a bob haircut.