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Perfume Portrait #73 - Angela Harpham

Angela Harpham 50ml EDT

Head – Bergamot

Heart – Cypress, ginger

Body – Frankincense

Description – Assured yet aware of the complexities that come with fathoming human endeavour, this fragrance contains takes advantage of the volatile nature of essential oils which often reveal hidden depth: Bergamot emits warmer tones than you might initially realise, while cypress and frankincense contain hints of earth and spice. 36 more words


Anne Sibbald

On what makes a good life?

“I think there are two primary governing emotions: love and fear. If you try to live your life governed by love, then I think you’ll have a pretty good life. 173 more words



“Perhaps the majority of portraits I make, especially ‘found’ portraits use available light. It is often the case that what prompts me to make a portrait is recognising a special quality in the light itself. 55 more words

Day 110: A moment no photo can capture

Friday, April 20, 2018

After taking this photo, the birthday girl spent the next five minutes trying to put the candles out with a kung fu palm strike. 19 more words

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Day 109: Buried deep

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Television coverage of the banking royal commission these past few days has been riveting. Corporate law has changed considerably since I studied it, but the principles are largely the same: these organisations like to claim the same rights and liberties as individuals when it suits them – but there comes a time when they should be deprived of their liberty at Her Majesty’s pleasure. 126 more words

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