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Family Related Words in Romance Languages

The listed words were mainly selected from the following Duolingo lessons:

  • Family in Spanish
  • Family in Portuguese
  • Family in French
  • Family in Italian
  • Family in Romanian…
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Random night #1

Exam day. Horrible. Failed. Pretty sure.

Got drunk with my Azorian roommate and he decided that he wanted to teach me how to pick locks.

The Switch/A Troca

Terceira ronda do duelo Português vs. Inglês. Possivelmente a última.

English at the bottom…

Até sabe bem estar de volta, embora não saiba bem o que poderá acontecer daqui para a frente. 393 more words

The Harmonious Forest (O Bosque Harmonioso) by Augusto Abelaira


No, this is not some tongue-twisting onomatopoeic coinage from Finnegans Wake. As a matter of fact, in the language of  a certain tribe inhabiting the interior of Java Island, this word is habitually used  as the coordinate conjunction equivalent to the English  1,893 more words


Episode 13: Journeys

This episode we are joined by Emily Soon and Joseph da Costa, both PhD researchers at King’s College London, based in the English and Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American Studies departments respectively. 305 more words


Regular Imperfect Tense Conjugations in Romance Languages

According to corresponding Duolingo courses, the regular imperfect tense conjugations of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian are listed below. Please notify me if there are any mistakes. 113 more words


Sao Tome' and Principe': Paradise found...

The country of Sao Tome’ and Principe’ is one of the world’s smallest, with less than 200,000 people and barely a thousand square kilometers scattered over a couple islands off the east coast of Africa… 170 more words