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Paula's Piri-Piri

Have you heard of piri-piri sauce before? If you like hot and spicy sauces, you should try piri-piri. It’s a common Portuguese condiment, used to brush on chicken before grilling or baking as well as on other foods such as seafood or pork. 260 more words


Japanese, Portuguese...

I was born and raised in Brazil, the son of a third-generation Japanese father, whose grandparents came over from Japan before the 2nd World War as immigrants. 470 more words


Intro to Portuguese


Today we will start with  informal greetings.

Scenario 1:

A: Olá, como você se chama?

B: Gleice Silva.

A: Muito prazer.

B: O prazer é todo meu. 39 more words

Intellectual Mind

A Lorcha - Macau, China

We went on a day trip to Macau at the end of last year – My aunt, my uncle, my mum, brother and his girlfriend – and we ended up for dinner at A Lorcha, which is a famous Portuguese restaurant. 124 more words

World Eats

What Are Lupin Beans?

Posted by Colleen

When I was a young girl I lived in Northern California and my sister and I marched in the Portuguese celebrations.  I am Portuguese descent and this is a Portuguese tradition that is still done today. 531 more words

Resources to practice Portuguese (in Portuguese)

Oi pessoal! Se você me ouvir falar português, você vai saber que não é a minha língua nativa. Eu comecei aprender português há sete meses, porque tenho muitos amigos do Brasil. 147 more words


4:20 in the morning

I remember waking up in the tent
Fumbling for your rolling kit
Rolling a joint at 4:20 am
Smoke filled the small space
Did you wake to join me? 60 more words